How to quickly sit on the split at any age

I have already written a lot about the breathing technique itself and about its benefits. Today there is one more plus of this “oxygen method”. After 15 years of working with you, and from my personal experience, I can say for sure: ElenaBodyFlex breathing exercises supply the muscles of the body with everything necessary for stretching, so you can sit on a twine or reach the floor much faster.

How to quickly sit on a split at any age: 5 rules for stretching muscles from a body flex trainer
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Every day, week, year, a person has less and less chance of a good stretch. Why? With age, the tendons become less elastic, and the range of motion decreases, the body “dries up”. Have you heard this expression?

My clients tell me at the first diagnostic session: “I don’t want my body to become” stiff, “and my figure to be stocky. The poetI turned to a respiratory gymnastics coach. “

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My recommendations:

  1. First of all, I want to say that flexibility and physical endurance directly depend on your psychological state. To begin with, it is important to simply relax through diaphragmatic breathing using the ElenaBodyFlex method. I gave it in one of the previous articles.
  2. Find the exercises that are right for you. Taking into account your individual characteristics: physical fitness, age, weight, muscle condition, the ability to coordinate breathing with exercise.
  3. Do your program every morning before breakfast for 15 minutes. Yes, you have to introduce this nice habit into your schedule.
  4. Exercise for forty days without interruption. Why 40? During this period, you will learn to feel your body and muscles. They will begin to “answer” you with gratitude. If you miss class on day 35, you will have to start over tomorrow. Yes, there are no miracles.
  5. I do breathing exercises every morning, not because I need it, but because it has become a part of my life. Have fun with what you do. And the result will definitely come if your breathing technique and exercises are correct. I advise you to contact an experienced trainer in order to be sure that breathing exercises will benefit you, not harm you.
How to quickly sit on a split at any age: 5 rules for stretching muscles from a body flex trainer
Photo @elenabodyflex

How I managed to do the splits at the age of 57

At the age of 57, I came to study in the body-ballet group. There were girls much younger than me. And three months later, for the first time in my life, I sat down on a split. Others, those who studied in the group much earlier than me, could not do it. Why?

Because I followed these 5 rules of flexibility. But they are not.

“Start doing one thing every single day and your life will change.”

Oxygen stretching keeps your joints healthy. The cartilage and ligaments receive much more oxygen with diaphragmatic breathing. I am sure that this is the only opportunity to bring them food and eternal youth.

Stretch exercises with four-stage breathing improve coordination, make the body flexible and attractive. Take my word for it. I live in Nice and wear a swimsuit for 4 months a year.

Effective stretching exercise

This is my favorite stretching exercise, try:

Initial position:

  • sitting on the mat, the back is straight;
  • legs at the knees are straight;
  • feet together.

The exercise:

  • Gradually, looking in front of you, consistently stretch forward: lower back – waist area – shoulders.
  • After fully stretching your back, touch your forehead to your legs.
  • Finish the exercise by touching the mat with your elbows.

Do 10 reps a day.


  • sharp bends forward;
  • bending the knees;
  • tension in the throat and under the chest.

Impact area:

  • back;
  • occipital part;
  • shoulder girdle;
  • small of the back;
  • buttocks;
  • hips;
  • shins.

This is one of the 14 Re-Breathing exercises. Graduates of my course are bombarded with compliments by acquaintances and even husbands.

How to quickly sit on a split at any age: 5 rules for stretching muscles from a body flex trainer
Photo @elenabodyflex

Important! Before this exercise, do 1 contraction (isometric) and 2 tension (isotonic) exercises. This will prepare the muscles and prevent injury.

If stretching and flexibility are really important to you, feel free to contact me. I run free diagnostic sessions twice a month.

Fall in love with breathing exercises and it will become your best friend!

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