How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine correctly

Now in the wardrobe of almost every family you can find a down jacket. This element of outerwear is very warm, weightless and quite practical. But, like any other piece of clothing, it needs care. Therefore, today we will tell our reader how to wash a down jacket in a washing machine so as not to spoil it.

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How to wash a down jacket – means for washing a down jacket

Dry powder or liquid is a pretty important question. It is better to stop your choice on liquid agentbecause it makes the clothes rinse out more easily. The main thing is that its composition did not include bleaching agents

In addition, dry powder abrasive solids are difficult to rinse out of the fluff.

It is categorically impossible to use ordinary powder or soap to wash the down jacket, since the down can get off into lumps and stick together.

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Also when washing a jacket do not add emollients and conditioners, they can also leave streaks.

  • Classic down jacket with padding polyester can be washed with detergent or powder that is suitable for the given fabric;
  • Classic down jacket with feather-down filling must be washed with a down jacket detergent. You can buy them at most sports stores;
  • Membrane down jackets it is better to wash by hand with a special detergent for such material. This will not damage the membrane fabric;
  • Down jackets with leather inserts it is best to take it to dry cleaning.

Many housewives are worried that the down in a jacket can get lost in lumps during machine washing. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to put in the drum of the washing machine special balls for washing down jackets, or a pair of regular tennis balls
When washed and dried, they will break up lumps and will not let the fluff fall… If you are worried that tennis balls may shed, pour boiling water over them with bleach before washing.

How to properly wash a down jacket at home – step by step instructions

There is nothing dangerous in washing a down jacket with a typewriter, the main thing is – run the correct mode and properly prepare the jacket for washing. And how to do it, read below:

  1. Take a close look at the label your jacket. If there is no “hand wash” icon there, then you can safely entrust it to the machine;
  2. Check pockets and zip up all the zippersas they may deform during washing. If there are buttons, they also need to be fastened, as the sewing areas can be deformed. Then turn the down jacket inside out;
  3. A delicate program must be set on the machine. Remember that the down jacket can be washed at water temperatures up to 30 degrees. To prevent the down from getting lost in the jacket, put balls for washing down jackets in the drum, or 2-4 balls for tennis;
  4. If you wash your down jacket for the first time, be sure to turn on the “extra rinse” option.… This will allow you to wash industrial dust from the down jacket, and also prevent the appearance of soap stains;
  5. You can also wring out the down jacket in the washing machine, you just need to set the minimum speed, and leave balls for washing down jackets in the drum. They will help fluff up the fluff.

Please note that the down jacket can be washed no more than twice a yearas the impregnation of the material may deteriorate and it will start to get wet.

How to dry a down jacket, how to fluff it after washing

The look of a down jacket after washing scares many housewives. Instead of a pretty jacket, they see a thin windbreaker with loose down in the corners. However, if dried properly, it will look like new.

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  • If your washing machine has a drying function, then the down jacket must be dried in the mode for synthetic fabrics… At temperatures up to 30 degrees, the jacket will dry in 2-3 hours. Do not forget to put tennis balls in the drum. After that, the product must be well shaken and hung on a hanger, leave to ventilate. The fluff must be beaten periodically.
  • If the down after washing has strayed in the corners and pockets of the down jacket, dry it with a hairdryer or vacuum with a vacuum cleaner at low power without a nozzle. It is necessary to drive the tube from side to side and in a circle. After these manipulations, the fluff should fluff well and lie flat.
  • Shake the down jacket well while drying., holding the hem, turn it inside out, then on the face, spread the fluff with your hands.
  • Remember the down jacket cannot be dried horizontally… The air must pass well through the product, otherwise the fluff will rot, rot and an unpleasant odor will appear, which will be difficult to get rid of.

A properly washed and dried down jacket will last you more than one season. And in the eyes of others and loved ones, you will gain image of a high-class hostessable to cope with any task.

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