Chinese breathing exercises jianfei for weight loss – 3 exercises

What attracts you to this technique? First, it is extremely simple and does not take much time. Secondly, this gymnastics can be performed in any conditions: at home, in the office or outdoors. Thirdly, it provides an opportunity for calm solitude and restores the nervous system.

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What is jianfei breathing exercises and what is it famous for?

Today, breathing exercises in Jianfei are among the most famous methods for losing weight. Experts say that by regularly performing the exercises of this gymnastics – of which, by the way, there are only three, you can achieve not only weight loss, but also general health improvement, strengthening immunity… Jianfei gymnastics is very effective, for example, for the prevention and treatment of meteorological dependence.

Literally “jianfei” is translated from Chinese as “Remove fat”… The unique technique is based on 3 types of effective breathing – “Wave”, “frog” and “lotus”. According to oriental experts, Jianfei allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight and maintain a slim figure for many years.

  • Thanks to “Volna”, you can get rid of the feeling of hunger in order to reduce the amount of food without regret or take a food break. The period of hunger will not be accompanied by weakness or dizziness, as occurs with normal weight loss. The fact is that this simple exercise helps to avoid such negative symptoms.
  • Exercises “Frog” and “Lotus” can be done not only for weight loss. In addition to reducing weight, they relieve fatigue, improve metabolism, and even heal some chronic diseases.

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Three exercises of breathing exercises for weight loss jianfei – benefits and contraindications

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1. Exercise “Wave”

  • When: before or instead of eating, because it reduces hunger.
  • How: lying or sitting. If lying down, bend your knees, place one palm on your abdominals, and the other on your chest. If sitting, place your legs together, straighten your back and relax your body.
  • How to do it: while inhaling, draw in your stomach, lifting your chest, and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then, as you exhale in the reverse order, lift your stomach while lowering your chest. In one lesson, you must do at least 50 inhalation-exhalation cycles.
  • Contraindications: absent.
  • Benefit: getting rid of bouts of hunger, preventing dizziness and weakness in case of malnutrition.

2. Exercise “Lotus”

  • When: do it after work or between appointments, because it eliminates fatigue and normalizes metabolism. You can also do it after the “Frog” or before bed.
  • How: take the sitting Buddha pose or sit on a chair without leaning back. Make sure that your back is straight, your eyes are covered, and the tip of your tongue rested against the alveoli.
  • How to do it: Concentrate on breathing for the first 5 minutes. Try to breathe slowly, evenly, and easily. Then breathe naturally for 5 minutes. For the remaining ten minutes, clear your mind of negativity and breathe as usual. Those. the whole exercise lasts about 20 minutes. For the full effect, you must do it at least 3 times a day.
  • Contraindications: absent.
  • Benefit: the effect of meditation.

3. Exercise “Frog”

  • When: at any time, especially after heavy physical or mental stress.
  • How: first, sit on a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your left hand into a fist and grab your right, your elbows should be on your knees, and your head should rest on the fist.
  • How to do it: Relax your body, close your eyes and clear your mind. When inhaling, tense your abdominal muscles, and while exhaling, on the contrary, relax. Perform for 15 minutes 3 times a day.
  • Contraindications: internal bleeding, menstrual or postoperative period.
  • Benefit: massaging internal organs, improving metabolism and blood circulation, excellent complexion, vigorous health.

Jianfei breathing exercises – how to do it correctly? Video

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