How to wear rough boots – stylist tips

Rough boots have been at the peak of popularity for several years and have become a base in almost every girl’s wardrobe. Because anyone can introduce such shoes into their wardrobe, because they can be combined with any clothing.

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Rough boots are suitable for girls and women of all ages! They are very comfortable and practical.

These boots will add a touch of daring to an overly feminine look. Or they will give composure, structure to a too relaxed image.

What to combine with such boots?

With mini, midi or maxi dresses Flying in boho style, lace or floral, knitted or with puff sleeves in Victorian style. Play on the contrast of tenderness and rudeness – it looks very impressive!

With mini or midi skirts, such as silk, add an oversized sweater on top or put on a T-shirt, and a jacket on top, and you will look very feminine and modern.

Rough skirted boots
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Compared to rough boots, slender legs look even slimmer!

With pantsuits! The combination of rough boots and a suit looks very stylish! And the degree of severity is immediately removed.

With jeans For those who like to wear skinny shoes, you just need to buy these boots. This is one way to adapt skinny to a modern look, add a chunky sweater or jacket on top.

With casual pants also make a great combination.

Combine with flying blouses, oversized sweaters, put on a crop top and a bomber jacket or leather jacket on top and you get a great mixture of femininity and daring.

Leather things are a great pair of rough boots. Leather pants, leggings, skirts or shorts add a touch of brutality to the look.

Images with flying dresses / skirts and bare-leg boots look incredibly stylish, while you can wear thin lace or polka-dot socks that will playfully peek out from under the boots.

what to wear boots with
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Which shoes to choose?

Nowadays, high boots with very thick tractor soles with elastic side inserts are especially popular, such as are presented at Bottega Veneta.

But for many, such a model may seem too crude. Pay attention to less massive models, they can be lace-up, or choose a Chelsea model.

It is important that the skin is firm and rough, not soft. And, of course, the sole should not be very thin and flat. Choose models with a minimum thickness of 1–2 cm, preferably with a small heel.

Hopefully, thanks to this article, you are convinced that rough boots are very versatile shoes that will find a place in every girl’s wardrobe.

Feel free to experiment with these boots and create stylish looks!

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