Reasons for the collapse of the karmic union of Ida Galich and Alan Basiev

As in any story, everything starts very beautifully: a declaration of love at an exotic resort, a diamond ring, a promise to wear in your arms and love forever.

At such a moment, no one even thinks to look at compatibility and analyze soberly – and what awaits us in the future, what kind of life. Will our union be as rosy as during courtship and honeymoon?

It is possible to close information behind heavy locks, however, Numerology cannot be deceived. Don’t even try to do it – it still won’t work.

Ida Galich and Alan Basiev
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Parsing the dates of birth of Ida and Alan and the compatibility of the couple

At first glance, everything is perfect, everything is in its place:

  • Ida has a Birth Code 3 “Empress”, personifying the feminine principle.
  • Alan’s Birth Code 4 “Emperor” is the personification of the masculine principle.

However, there is one BUT here. When in calculations the Codes differ by one for partners, then this is a karmic relationship. This means that the partners came into this life and met in it in order to finish everything that they did not finish in the previous life.

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We analyze the periods of their life

Ida – Alan:

8 “Justice” – 2 “Priestess” 13 “Death” – 5 “Pope”

22 “Jester” – 16 “Tower” 3 “Empress” – 17 “Star”

8 “Justice” – 14 “Temperance” 16 “Tower” – 12 “The Hanged Man”

2 “Priestess” – 14 “Temperance” 8 “Justice” – 12 “Hanged Man”

This is where the picture becomes even clearer.

Ida includes with her Birth Code the Karmic Code of Alan, and at once in the first period of his life, and this is Code 5 “Daddy”.

Galich family
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What is he talking about?

If a child appears, then the father can leave the family and not be involved in raising the child. Or he will simply be not next to him, that is, divorced from his mother. And so it happened – the couple broke up.

For Ida, this is a serious relationship based on an official confirmation, a wedding, but there are so many pitfalls, so much hidden, so much stress …

What happens next

Ida passes into the second period of life, and then an incident happens – something that she did not take into account, this is Code 16 “Tower” – karmic and the most negative that can be in partnerships of any type: personal, business.

This 99.5% code leads inexorably to divorce (it has been checked repeatedly for all 120%).

But there is a positive thing in this period – this is the birth of a son (this is clearly indicated by Code 22 “Fool”). However, the main thing in this story is that Alan also has this Code.

Photo @galichida

Initially, a divorce was registered with him. But he also has it in the Code of Destiny, that is, it is all fateful, and should have happened.

Alan has another most important Karmic Code 12 “The Hanged Man”.

Dear girls! If you see such a Code in your chosen one, run from him. At best, you will toil all your life and listen to how unhappy he is, and at worst, it can end in tears. This is a very unpredictable Code and is not intended for family life.

It’s good that Ida and Alan had it almost immediately. The only one suffering in this story is their child.

Ida and Alan’s karmic task

Judging by the calculations of the wedding year itself, Ida’s task in this couple was to give birth to a son, since her wedding year code is 19 “Sun”, which most often personifies the birth of a son.

For Alan, this is the Karmic Code of Ida 2 “Priestess” (fog, deception, probable betrayal, even possible interference of older women in the family) and 6 “Lovers” – the wrong choice of a partner and not only.

Alan’s obstacles and fears are the themes of stress – everything related to the psyche, divorce. This is exactly what happened.

What led to the deterioration of relations between Ida and Alan, from the point of view of numerology

  • union under Code 21 “Peace” – everything would be great if Code 21 for Ida was not in the Danger Channel (this is already a signal that something will be wrong, not according to a positive scenario);
  • for Alan, this is a fateful union, positively for him.

With this code, the pair should not hang on top of each other. He suggests traveling a lot, which was also impossible, because covid-19 disrupted all plans, closing them together in 4 walls. In this situation, it turns out such a family swamp.

For people who are accustomed to traveling, this is tantamount to death. Accordingly, this led to a deterioration in relations.

Ida receives from the Union – the husband’s Code (this is fateful), however, such a Code can carry for a woman in a relationship “who is in charge” and carry the theme of aggression, sorting out the relationship.

Alan receives from the Union – the Code of the wife (for him it is not very good, since he enters the Death Channel and it is also the Codes of the Union of Ida). For him, this is the primacy of his wife, which is unacceptable for a man of Caucasian nationality. As a working out in this case – a lot of sex.

The total of the Union – 6 “Lovers”. The appearance of children in Ida’s union is fateful and carries a certain fear. There should have been feelings, emotion overflowing, communication is very important.

Looking at their Channels of Destiny, you understand that they cannot have it smoothly and this concerns financial issues. They can speak to the camera a hundred times, write on Instagram that everything is fine, but it’s hard to believe.

Ida Galich and Alan Basiev 3
Photo @galichida

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This is evidenced by their codes:

  • Ida has a personal code 13 “Death” in 2021 – this is a complete transformation, reincarnation, changes in herself, possibly a change in the direction of her blog, a different broadcast, and this can bring her good luck. However, there is a small BUT – everything will be if she is married. This can bring her a lot of money on very large projects. But her husband, by fate, Ida is much older than her, while Alan is 2 years younger than her.
  • Alan has Codes 18 “Moon” and 22 “Jester” in 2021. Both are about union, money, and problems. That is, either the division of the acquired property, or something else.

2020 year:

  • Union – 3 “Empress” – pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Ida received – 8 “Justice” – everything became dry, emotions subsided, stability in relations came (too fast for 2 years).
  • Alan – 7 “Chariot”, instability in relationships, abrupt changes in life (perhaps the appearance of a child was not included in his plans). Having not received the opportunity to travel, it is possible that the relationship did not begin to be renewed. All this became a lot of circumstances that did not play in the black: covid-19, a child. Maybe during this period he closed himself off from Ida, which was absolutely impossible to do.
  • The total of 2020 is Code 10 “Wheel of Fortune”. This Code is karmic in itself and can carry both plus and minus. The movement code is also in personal life. It was necessary to devote more time to the financial sphere and to conduct a common business and travel together, which is again unacceptable.

In this whole story, one conclusion suggests itself – circumstances played a major role for them, and they simply did not want to go further hand in hand.

PS This article is based on studies of the date of birth and the fate of a person according to the Tarot Numerology system and has no hidden messages, discrimination or condemnation. Materials for research are taken from open and accessible sources on the Internet. The analysis is based solely on my knowledge, research and analysis, as a specialist in reading the fate of a person by date of birth and may not coincide with your opinion.

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