How to wear sweat joggers

Sports pants for a long time did not fit into the world of fashion and were used only for recreation and sports. They went exclusively to physical education, went fishing, and in the past they were even perceived as everyday clothes of not the most prosperous elements of society.

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The era of fashionable comfort

2020 changed everything – in large part due to the fact that many of us work remotely or from home and want to wear comfortable clothes. Now these are no longer just sweatpants, but fashionable and comfortable casual joggers.

Modest and inconspicuous – they have become a source of chic ideas and an object of desire for women of fashion. Now they are welcome guests in any interesting fall-winter outfit. However, in any case, it is better to choose either classic or neutral colors: black, gray, blue, cream, light brown.

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A well-chosen jacket or coat and comfortable shoes – and now you have a chic look in joggers ready.

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What to combine joggers with?

So, how and with what can a real fashionista wear sweatpants?

  • White joggers, it turns out, look chic with a light coat … and even with bright heels. A bold decision, isn’t it?
  • Not all joggers need to be tapered. Straight sweatpants go well with whatever you wear to match your jeans. These are, for example, knee-high sweaters and jackets with a simple cut. And don’t forget the hat!
  • If you have gray sweatpants, then you need a matching sweater and thick-soled boots. Then put on a long coat on top – and now you are already warm and comfortable. Now, at least in a cafe, at least for shopping, at least in the library!
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  • Light joggers with a lilac hoodie look rustic. Add some green touches to the image (shoes, handbag) – and everything will change dramatically.
  • Tuck your light-colored sweatpants into pointed-toed suede ankle boots and slip on a long faux sheepskin coat. An image that includes all the latest trends is ready.
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  • Add a touch of aristocracy to the sporty bottom by adding a top made from a warm oversized shirt and a classic coat.
  • For owners of a non-standard figure, there is also an option: light joggers + brown raincoat + light-colored shoes with heels.
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  • Are you staying at home? Put on your comfy joggers and cheer yourself up with a bold manicure and pedicure.
  • Joggers look “like family” in combination with black lace-up high boots and a small black handbag.
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  • Of course, joggers are perfect for sports activities! Throw in a gray oversized sweater and light-colored sneakers with metal accents and you can’t be overlooked.
  • Try a combination of light colored joggers, black boots, and a black slim sweater. Now put on your short plush jacket and grab your plush bag. Very unusual and stylish!
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