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5 Amazing Ideas to Create Modern Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Countless individuals love to cook outdoors. For those who have yet to try this activity, now is the perfect time to do so. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining family and friends because the cook can take part in the festivities. They won’t be trapped indoors trying to prepare a meal. 

When building a modern outdoor kitchen, take into consideration the island. This feature serves many purposes. It provides a working surface for food preparation, holds various accessories, and may even provide a place for people to sit and enjoy their meal. What elements should a person consider when designing their outdoor kitchen island? 

Lighting the Space

Every cook needs light when preparing food. Ambient lighting won’t be sufficient in many situations. In addition, an outdoor kitchen that has limited cabinetry won’t accommodate task lighting to the same extent indoor kitchens do. Consider this when designing the outdoor space, and find ways to incorporate lighting into the desired features. Recessed lighting is frequently seen in outdoor kitchens, and pendant lights are another option. Consider fairy lights to illuminate the space, and don’t forget lights for pathways and around the outdoor kitchen flooring. 

Space for the Island

Kitchen islands take up valuable space. When designing this feature, choose an island that is at least four feet long and over two feet deep. However, ensure the cook and others can move freely around the island. Furthermore, only include an island in the design if the kitchen is over 12 feet in length and eight feet deep at a minimum. Otherwise, the area will be too crowded. 

Material Selection

When choosing a material for the island, look to nature for inspiration. Some people may choose to construct this island using reclaimed wood, as it blends nicely with the home’s architecture. Another person may choose to have this island made using stone. Materials may also be combined when creating this island. It all depends on what the homeowner wants and what compliments the house. 

Island Shape

A person can choose from many shapes when it comes to their outdoor kitchen island. One person may want a curved island that provides space for a grill and seating. Another homeowner might choose a multi-tiered island for more space to work and store items. At times, a person might opt for a rolling cart rather than a conventional island to allow them to use the space for other purposes. 

Counter Height

The height of the island is determined by the function of the feature. If people will sit in chairs around the island, choose one that sits 28 to 30 inches off the floor. If low stools will be used for seating, the island should be 36 inches in height, which is the standard size. For those who wish to use bar stools for seating around the island, choose one with a countertop that sits 42 to 48 inches off the ground. 

Combine these elements to create the perfect outdoor kitchen countertop. Try different configurations to find the one that best fits the space reserved for this purpose. Other factors to consider when creating the island include vent hoods and storage space.

If help is needed in designing this island, reach out to the professionals. They work with clients to find the right items for their specific needs. It never hurts to ask for assistance when investing in one’s home, so reach out today. 

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