Interesting winter leisure – what to do at home in winter?

After the end of the New Year holidays and with the arrival of Epiphany frosts, many of us “go into hibernation”, preferring laptops, TV and sofas to walks and an active lifestyle. As a result, winter practically erases us from normal life, depriving us of little joys and pleasures.

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How to spend time at home mentally and profitablyif you don’t feel like sticking your nose out into the street?
Interesting winter leisure

  1. Go ahead for brushes and paints!
    If you have been dreaming of discovering the talent of an artist for several years, but still “your hands do not reach” – now is the time to start realizing your dream.
    Interesting winter leisure
    Decide what you are more attracted to – graphics and precision of lines, watercolors, oil, or maybe you want to create masterpieces with an ordinary gel pen? The main thing is to have fun. Don’t worry about mastery, it will come later. It is quite possible that a true artist is sleeping in you, and you will not have to wait “later”. There’s a painting on that wall over there in the bedroom, isn’t it?
  2. Beauty is a terrible force!
    And winter is the time to start loving yourself.
    Interesting winter leisure
    Everything that is usually not enough hours in a day is now available: fragrant baths with viewing magazines; a cup of coffee and your favorite book while your loved one learns the art of proper relaxing massage; fruit masks for the face and regenerating – for the hair; baths to strengthen nails; original manicure with your own well-groomed hands; honey and coffee scrubs; and so on, so on.
  3. Living in the rhythm of the dance
    Isn’t it time to say goodbye to your complexes, have fun and adjust your figure for the next summer season? Of course it came! And you don’t have to look for a dance school closest to your home. You have everything at hand for home dancing – educational programs on the Internet, music channels on TV, a radio tape recorder, a good mood and a desire to “shake up this world” and your body.
    Things to do in winter at home
    Choose the dance that is closest to your state of mind – belly dance, break dance, sensual strip dance, or something else. Drive relatives out of the room, put on comfortable clothes, turn on the music and go ahead – lose weight, catch endorphins, enjoy life.
  4. Home library revision
    Why not? In cold weather it is so nice to drown in your favorite chair with a good book. How long have you read the classics? How long have they rustled with real pages? Surely there are many interesting books in your library.
    Things to do in winter at home
    And how many interesting things can you find if you sort through all these shelves with books that you have not looked into since the time of Tsar Pea – notes from childhood, old parental “stash”, dried flowers “for memory” from the first fans …
  5. Revision in the dressing room
    We are wasting our time! We give things that you will never wear for any price, we give to those in need. Things like “wow, I forgot that I have such a dress!” fold closer.
    Things to do in winter at home
    And even closer – those things that have become a little too small for the winter holidays. You will just have an incentive to get into them again. So let’s move on to the next point …
  6. Give the perfect figure for vacation!
    Losing weight at home with pleasure. How? The one that brings pleasure.
    Things to do in winter at home
    In addition to dancing, there is also home fitness, hula hoop, fitball, yoga, oxysize and many other methods. If only for joy.
  7. Throw a party at home?
    Gather your favorite girlfriends, cook something unusual, throw a pajama party, or just have fun watching a good movie under a bottle of martini.
    Things to do in winter at home
  8. Ever dreamed of learning to play the guitar?
    The time has come! A simple acoustic guitar will cost you 2500-3000 rubles (you don’t even have to look in the shops – order directly via the Internet), and video lessons on the network – a carriage and a small cart.
    Things to do in winter at home
    By spring you will be able to show off to your friends not only calluses on your fingers (and what to do – art also requires sacrifice), but also a virtuoso performance, for example, “Smoke on The Water” or “A grasshopper was sitting in the grass.” By the way, you will have to say goodbye to manicure, but what can’t you do for the sake of self-improvement!
  9. We are looking for a creative designer in ourselves and turn on imagination
    Isn’t it time to change the decor in the apartment? Rearranging the furniture is, of course, also useful (you can finally remove the candy wrappers that the child hid under the sofa, or find a long-lost earring), but we are talking about decorating the house and creating maximum comfort. It is not necessary to re-glue the wallpaper and remodel the floors – you just need to “update” the apartment.
    Things to do in winter at home
    With the help of, for example, decorative pillows on the sofa, embroidery on bedding, curtains, rugs, nice little things in the kitchen and other DIY details. Again, the Internet will help you, there is a sea of ​​ideas in it.
  10. Needlework
    If there is a craving for creating handmade masterpieces, you can consider this option. What exactly to do – choose based on what is at hand and, of course, desires. See also: How to make hand-made your home business?
    Things to do in winter at home
    You can knit booties for your newborn nephew, and yourself a bag for the summer, sew for your daughter’s doll those 20 dresses that the child has been asking you for six months, start weaving flower baskets, sewing dog jumpsuits for sale, quilling, soap making and making candles, jewelry from polymer clay, toys or designer dolls.

What else to do in the middle of winter, while the frost crackles outside? We put things in order in the closets, dismantle old photos, clean the “bowels” of the laptop from unnecessary folders and programs, burn wood, arrange romantic dinners for our half, expand the menu with delicious dishes, learn languages ​​and teach our children to enjoy life!

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