Quick recipes. What to cook quickly at home

Quick recipesIn our difficult time, when a woman has to work on an equal basis with men, the ability to make something tasty in a hurry is simply vital. You may need to prepare a quick meal if guests are unexpectedly present. It is not easy to cope with household chores and a young mother, who, most likely, also works. Returning in the evening after a hard day at work, a woman needs to feed her family, especially children. If you hesitate with the preparation of dinner, then the nimble young generation will have a bite to eat with a bun or a sandwich. Favorably on a young growing body, this will not be reflected.

Even if the mother does not work, but sits with the children at home, this does not solve the problem with cooking. The kitchen is time consuming, which, if you have small children, is simply sorely lacking. Of course, you can switch to store-bought dumplings, dumplings and instant pasta. But for a long time on such a diet, hardly anyone will be able to hold out.

The only way to get rid of the constant exhausting cooking is to learn how to whip up meals. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: just some twenty minutes and a delicious dish is ready. And nothing is impossible in this. All you need to master is the technique of making quick meals.

Quick recipesA microwave oven is a good helper in the kitchen for every housewife who values ​​her time. In it, you can not only reheat ready-made meals and defrost food, but also make semi-finished products. For example, you can take rice, put it in a deep bowl, add water and put it in the microwave, turning on the slow cooking mode. Our goal is to have rice that is half cooked. The same can be done on a regular stove, pouring less water on the rice than is necessary for its complete cooking. As a result, you will get a semi-finished product that, after freezing, is easy to store and add, if necessary, to a variety of dishes. You can pan the vegetables with cooked rice, or make a rice casserole.

Summer is a great time for all kinds of preparations. At this time of year, it is easy to buy a wide variety of vegetables at very low cost, cut them into cubes and freeze them. This “summer mix” will cost you much less than a store one. Now, if you return from work, and you don’t have the strength for a serious dish, you can add any meat (preferably chicken, as it cooks the fastest), rice or pasta to the vegetable mixture and quickly reheat the resulting vegetable stew on the stove.

Quick recipesIn order to save time on cooking, it is advisable to create a menu for at least the next week. This way you will know exactly what needs to be prepared at any given moment. In addition, you will not be overcome by the constant question of what dish and from what to cook. After all, there is already a ready-made stock of food in your refrigerator. It is best that it is always there and replenished as needed. You can add frozen puff pastry and pizza dough to the vegetable mix as supplies.

Thus, you can always cook well, even if there is no time at all, and the dishes are made in a hurry. Of course, I would like to pamper my loved ones and loved ones with delicious dishes. Quick recipes are always ready to help you with this. The joy of households will be caused not only by exquisite delicacies, but also by simple dishes from the most common products. By the way, simple food is the healthiest for the body, so quick meals not only save you time, but also benefit. The most important thing is that you cook them with love!

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