Interview with Yulia Savicheva about the Fashion People Awards

“Morning on Radio Romantika” with Timur Sokolov is an easy infotainment program during which you can not only listen to amazing music, but also learn about the life and work of popular people.

This morning, together with Radio Romantika and Timur Sokolov, I agreed to meet Yulia Savicheva… She spoke about her work, family relationships and receiving an award at the 2021 Fashion People Awards.

“I rarely get anything at all”: Yulia Savicheva spoke about the unexpected Fashion People Awards 2021
Photo @ Radio Romantika

Timur: The morning at Romantika will continue in the company of the beautiful Julia Savicheva. Good morning, Julia!

Julia: Good morning!

Timur: Tell us how was your summer? In three words – 3 characteristics of your summer 2021.

Julia: My summer was at work. In general, it was really hot. In Moscow it reached 40, and it was some kind of abnormal heat. I can hardly stand it.

Timur: That is, the kind of weather that is now outside the window – luxurious?

Julia: No no. I don’t like autumn. For me, 25 degrees is the thing. The sun was shining, there was no rain. This is the kind of weather I love.

“I rarely get anything at all”: Yulia Savicheva spoke about the unexpected Fashion People Awards 2021
Photo @ Radio Romantika

Timur: Okay. Hot summer. What else?

Julia: Working. I released new songs and a video.

Timur: I suggest saying hello to Portugal right now. Until we forget.

Julia: Oh sure.

Timur: Let’s have a little background. We have a live broadcast on VKontakte in the official group of the radio “Romance”. The daughter of Yulia Savicheva has just written to us and said: “Mom, I’m watching you!”

Julia: I don’t know if they are awake or not. They will soon go to the kindergarten already. Now my family is in Portugal. Every morning, before Anya leaves for the kindergarten, we call her on the phone. We wish each other a good day. Since I am with you very early today, I think that she has not yet woken up.

Timur: Does she listen to your songs?

Julia: Oh sure.

Timur: What was her review of the song “Everest”? Did you like it or not?

Julia: She said: “Mom, this is your favorite song!” We even sang it together.

Timur: So she likes it?

Julia: Yes, I like it.

“I rarely get anything at all”: Yulia Savicheva spoke about the unexpected Fashion People Awards 2021
Photo @ Radio Romantika

Timur: At the Fashion People Awards 2021, you received an award in the FASHION-VIDEO category. I congratulate you! You showed six Fashion looks per song.

Julia: It, of course, was a trash on the set, because I never changed my image so quickly. In addition to clothes and makeup, we also changed our hairstyles. And there were even wigs. And naturally, the bows themselves were so different, interesting and unexpected.

Timur: Is the reward unexpected for you too? Or did you basically count on her?

Julia: Unexpected. I rarely get anything at all. And for me it is more important when people just come to my concerts and sing with me. This, of course, is the most important thing for me. Well, when suddenly there are such Fashion awards, I was shocked, to be honest, I was.

Timur: And someone advises you in the choice of images for publication?

Julia: It happens in different ways. Sometime I turn to stylists, sometime I choose images myself. But Kostya Koshkin selected the last events for me.

Timur: And now questions from the audience. Ready to answer them?

Julia: Oh sure.

Timur: Julia, even through the screen you can feel how much vitality, vigor, energy and happiness you have. Have you always been like this? And what helps to fill up and stay always “charged”?

Julia: In principle, I am a positive person and I always give my energy and in return receive it from the audience, listeners. And I myself recharge myself from the family, from communication with the child. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video call. We are always on the same wavelength and we feed each other. My husband helps me a lot. And such a mutual exchange of energy turns out.

Timur: Tell us a little about your spiritual path. What do you believe in? How do you think life works here? How should she live?

Julia: First of all, it seems to me that you need to be sincere, honest with yourself, with the people around you. I somehow immediately understand that my conscience will “bite” if I suddenly start to deceive or not invest in what I am doing. Or it’s insincere to do it all. I myself will not be able to live in peace, so everything that we send into the world, what energy we carry, we receive this in return. Therefore, I am for the positive, for sincerity, for kindness, for honesty. Well, for love, of course.

Timur: That is, if you are offered some kind of story for the hype, but it does not correspond to your spiritual and human principles, then you will never agree to it.

Julia: No, of course I disagree.

Timur: What do you think is inner wealth?

Julia: This is inner fulfillment – light, kind and positive. Because, of course, we are not all saints; we make mistakes from time to time. And that’s okay. And if something happened, then the main thing is to understand and not to do it next time. Well, and most importantly, do not spread rot on yourself for it. We always learn from our mistakes.

Timur: What are your top five values ​​for yourself?

Julia: Family, positive, sincerity, kindness, relationships between my family members.

“I rarely get anything at all”: Yulia Savicheva spoke about the unexpected Fashion People Awards 2021
Photo @ Radio Romantika

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