What to buy a blender or food processor

Blender or food processor – what should the hostess choose? COLADY magazine has conducted a detailed study of this issue. The best experts of our portal answer this question for you.

Blender vs. Food Processor – What’s the Difference?

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A blender and food processor is a popular technique that can be seen in the kitchen of almost any modern housewife.


  • Food processor will show itself well in working with solid products, blender works best with liquid food.
  • Blenders also known as juicers or fluidizers. They are used to mix soft foods and liquids. They are good helpers in the preparation of various fruit juices with pulp, pureed soups, perfectly mixed sauces.
  • Also, using a blender, you can mix different drinks, from milks to alcoholic cocktails.
  • Main job food processor set up for chopping, chopping, slicing, grating or stirring hard or soft foods.
  • Food processor more versatile than a blender. The capacity of the food processor is wider.
  • Food processor also performs many other tasks. For example, you can use it to make a puree soup, but it will not be as tender as if you cook it with a blender.
  • But when trying to rub something with blender, you get only a watery and practically impossible to process mass.
  • On the other hand, if you make mashed potatoes with food processor, there will be no liquid in it.

The complexity of the technique:

  • Food processor Is a complex multi-purpose device that includes a huge number of attachments, knives, additional bowls, graters and other devices.
  • But blender differs in considerable simplicity of design and can be completed with only two or three additional attachments, which turn it, for example, into a shredder. Hence the obvious difference – a food processor is more complex in design.
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The size:

  • Available and clean visual distinction: A food processor is relatively large and needs a lot of space, and a blender can often fit in a very small corner or drawer because it is more compact.


  • By cost food processor far ahead of the blender. And the lead here is in direct proportion to the complexity of the structures, the number of different lotions and the expanding and complementary functionality of the device. And the blender is cheaper because it is simpler.

Which is better – a blender or a food processor? Owner reviews

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On the forums, they discuss what to choose: a combine or a blender? This is what women say.


I have a blender, but no shredding. I don’t cut the meat in it, the liver turns into pate. I often use an immersion blender to puree berries in jelly / fruit drink / jelly, puree soups. I often use a simple blender to chop nuts, herbs, garlic, cookie crumbs, onions, and make sauces. The combine is larger in volume, takes up a lot of space, which is very inconvenient. I lean more towards a blender.


I have an old vegetable cutter and a hand blender. The harvester is slowly giving up. With a blender, you can only beat soups in puree. More especially inconvenient and nothing for them to do. Although they are as close as possible to combines, with attachments and bowls. And the slices will be cut. I’m thinking about purchasing one now. It is a pity that it is impossible to purchase bowls-attachments for mine.


I have a blender and a food processor, the blender is very small, so it is very convenient to use, but it has limited capabilities: stir, grind. And the harvester is too big, so too lazy to pull it out, but it helps to do everything else.


I have a harvester, Phillips. He is very happy. Stands in a kitchen cabinet, all accessories to it are compactly folded in a separate drawer, they do not take up much space and do not interfere. I can’t imagine life in the kitchen without him. Everything is included in the set: a knife – an impeller for chopping, a whisk for beating, graters, a juicer. Of the above, I rarely use only a juicer. I use everything else all the time. Very comfortably!


And I have 3 blenders. I use all of them. Bowlless hand blender I’ve had since the time when the kids were born. He has served me for 12 years. Blenders with a bowl I have 2. These I use for making cocktails, batter.


I, too, am not enthusiastic about the harvesters, they are very large, although Phillips has one such a good harvester, it is a pity that I have no place for it. But the blender helps me prepare cocktails and sauces, grind into pieces and into powder, sometimes I also want to put potatoes in there and get raw materials for potato pancakes at the exit.


I have a blender at home. I used it only when the child needed to grind something. The harvester is beautiful in the fall when harvesting begins. It, of course, takes up a lot of space, but it also processes a much larger volume of products.

What do you use, a blender or a food processor?

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