Irina Allegrova – the history of the styles of a Russian pop star

68-year-old Irina Allegrova is one of the brightest and most shocking Russian pop stars, shining from the early 1990s to the present day. Today we will tell you how the style of the famous singer has changed, who has gone from a rocker to a crazy empress.

80s: rock and roll

The most popular female image during perestroika in Russia included incredible bouffants, leather items and bright makeup. Popular actors and performers cultivated the rock star style, bringing the new fashion to the people. Of course, I. Allegrova supported the popularization of such a hooligan outfit and flaunted around the stage in denim jackets and short leather skirts. The catchy black arrows hit the hearts of the fans in front of their eyes, and therefore many girls began to use the rock and roll style on themselves.

Irina Allegrova

90s: go for a walk, crazy empress!

At this time, Irina Allegrova’s style changed dramatically due to the transition to a new, more lyrical repertoire of songs. This was due to the collaboration with the composer Igor Krutoy, thanks to whom the hit “Empress” was released in 1997. And jumping around the stage in rocker clothes, performing a song about a titled woman, is bad manners. For this reason, old dresses and floor-length ball gowns appeared in the singer’s wardrobe, and the fleece changed to … curls.

By the way, it was in the 90s that the saying became popular in society: “A. Pugacheva is the prima donna of the Russian stage, and I. Allegrova is the Empress. “

Irina Allegrova image

2000s: glamorous delights

At the beginning of the 20th century, the domestic elite competed among themselves in luxury, splendor and high cost of dress. Photos by Irina Allegrova confirm that she too could not resist the glamorous competition. The star supported the bright style with non-standard hairstyles. The singer adored experimenting with hair, most often in her image there were:

  • small curls;
  • cascading bouffant;
  • romantic curls.

The outfits were a contrasting combination of leather and rhinestones. Looking at the pictures in magazines of this time, willy-nilly, I recall a phrase from Nekrasov’s poems: “He will stop a galloping horse, he will enter a burning hut!” – this is how you can describe the famous performer.

But from time to time I. Allegrova refused bright outfits and tried on a more calm, gentle image. In these moments, she became a real, elegant and sophisticated beauty, awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring.

Irina Allegrova

Now: a lot of black, more classic

To date, the image chosen by the singer does not hide how old Irina Allegrova is, because many dark outfits have appeared in her wardrobe. In principle, such a step is quite understandable, since black is a classic, and, as you know, it is always in fashion. The attitude towards shoes has also changed: leather boots and high heels have been replaced by comfortable and practical shoes. The main change was the hairstyle – the empress completely abandoned curls, replacing them with straight hair. The catchy makeup has also disappeared. So the current image can be called aristocratic.

Irina Allegrova's outfit

Now I. Allegrova is a gorgeous lady with the title of People’s Artist of Russia, which means that you need to look to match.

Irina said about herself: “I have no image. My style is myself. ”

In each of her songs, there is both a young, naive girl and a strong, strong-willed woman who is not afraid of any hardships in life. This is what causes the great respect and love of millions of fans for the famous performer.

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