James Macarthur Net Worth

James MacArthur Net Worth

James MacArthur was widely recognized for his portrayal of Danny “Danno” Williams on Hawaii Five-O and at his death reportedly held an estimated net worth of $20 Million. Beginning his acting career during World War II he appeared in numerous films and TV series during his 40 year acting career that began then.

Born December 8 1937 in Los Angeles, California and son of award-winning actress Helen Hayes and Pulitzer Prize winning writer Charles MacArthur he studied at Hill School Pottstown Pennsylvania as well as Harvard University before dropping out to focus on acting career.

At eight, he made his stage debut in an Emlyn Williams production of The Corn Is Green. Shortly afterwards he appeared in a television play entitled Deal a Blow directed by John Frankenheimer; that same year he appeared in its film adaptation directed by Frankenheimer as well as other movies such as Swiss Family Robinson and The Battle of the Bulge; additionally he had many guest appearances on television shows like Gunsmoke and Fantasy Island.

In the mid-1950s he found success as an actor on Broadway and was nominated for a Tony Award. After that he went on to star in film and television roles through out the 1960s while remaining active philanthropically, supporting various charities he cared about as well as being seen at conventions, collectors’ shows and celebrity sporting events as a well-known celebrity figure. Additionally he owned a ranch near Santa Ynez in California which he managed with care.

James MacArthur was married three times and had four children – actor James MacFarlane McArthur (father), stepfather to actor Michael J. Fox (stepfather), grandad of actress Melody Patterson and Jennifer Morrison as well as nephew of John D. MacArthur and cousin of J. Roderick MacArthur (cousin).

James MacArthur left an incalculable mark on the entertainment industry and will long be remembered by his countless admirers and successors alike for his legacy work in that field. Many will miss him greatly but his influence will live on through generations to come. Additionally, as an active philanthropist and passionate community volunteer he will always be remembered fondly. His legacy will live on through his fans and loved ones, including his ranch in Santa Ynez, California which remains a cherished landmark today. A committed family man, Philanthropist remained dedicated to them. He was also a devout Christian who supported several charitable organizations. He is survived by his wife Helen Beth Duntz and their children as well as seven grandchildren. Prior to marrying Helen Beth Duntz he was married twice – first Joyce Bulifant from 1958-67 then Melody Patterson 1970-75; Charles MacArthur died in 2006. Charles was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as well as being a spokesperson for multiple Sclerosis Society; also being honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame as member.

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