Jamie Lee Curtis On Accepting Your Aging

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the real gems of Hollywood. She has made an incredible career, starred in the most popular grossing films and is not going to stop. However, now the actress does not want to take on roles in which she “does not fit.” She has fully embraced her age and is aging with dignity.

“Once you ruin your face, you’ll never get it back”: Jamie Lee Curtis On Accepting Your Aging
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62-year-old Jamie Lee is still quite active in filming, but she does not feel any need to adjust her appearance for new projects.

Vicodin addiction after plastics

In an interview with FastCompany magazine, Jamie Lee said that she once had plastic surgery, but the results were different than she originally expected:

“I tried plastic but it didn’t work out. I ended up just getting hooked on Vicodin (a pain relieving opioid). Now I have been free from this addiction for 22 years already ”.

Her addiction began back in 1989, after Jamie Lee underwent surgery to tighten his swollen eyelids. Alas, her family, including her father and brother, also faced similar problems. Brother Nicholas died of heroin addiction, and Jamie Lee hid her problem with Vicodin for 10 years.

“I starred in a film “Ideally” with John Travolta, and one day cameraman Gordon Willis looked at me and said: “I won’t be filming it today.” I was swollen that day for some reason, ”the actress confessed to NewYorker.

One comment from the operator led Jamie Lee to endanger a decade of her life and career a few years later:

“I was given this drug as a pain reliever after plastic surgery, although there was no need for it. I became very addicted to illegal substances. But I always held on when I worked. “

“Once you ruin your face, you’ll never get it back”: Jamie Lee Curtis On Accepting Your Aging
Photo @curtisleejamie

“Sobriety is my greatest achievement”

Jamie Lee believes that choosing a sober life is one of the best things she has ever done for herself:

“I am breaking the vicious circle, because it, in fact, destroyed the lives of many generations of my family. Sobriety is my greatest achievement … more than my husband, more than my children, and more than any job, success or failure. “

Opioid addiction isn’t the only reason Jamie Lee avoids plastic surgery. She is sure that people’s obsession with plastic deprives our world of real beauty.

“Once you ruin your face, you’ll never get it back”: Jamie Lee Curtis On Accepting Your Aging
Photo @curtisleejamie

“You will never get your face back”

“The current fashion for plastic and all these fillers, this obsession with photo filters and everything we do to improve our appearance in Zoom, erases entire generations of true beauty from the face of the Earth,” says the actress. – Once you ruin your face, you will never get it back. Often times, the procedures to correct the unsuccessful work only exacerbate the situation. “

Jamie Lee claims that she uses social media exclusively to promote projects she likes. It is not a means to attract attention or heighten a sense of self-importance.

According to her, she does not even read the comments on the photos that she publishes:

“I believe that I do not owe anyone anything after I have done my job. I am a very friendly and open person by nature, but I also have a very clear understanding of what is appropriate and what is inappropriate to share. “

The actress managed to separate her work from her personal life, and this makes her very happy. Jamie Lee was also able to learn from the past and understand for herself that graceful aging is the best choice. It makes no sense to change your appearance solely in order to convince others that you are younger than you really are.

Jamie Lee Curtis proved by her example that you can live with a “native”, albeit aging face and at the same time get amazing roles.

“Once you ruin your face, you’ll never get it back”: Jamie Lee Curtis On Accepting Your Aging
Photo @curtisleejamie

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