7 types of brooms and floor brushes – the pros and cons of homemade sorghum brooms, synthetic, mechanical, etc.

Types of brushes and brooms for sweeping the floorIn a modern home, cleaning is given maximum attention. Each housewife, for whom comfort and cleanliness in the apartment is important, thinks about how exactly the floors should be cleaned so that it is quick, efficient and high-quality.

Modern floor brushes and brooms have many advantages, the most important of which is their versatility. To your attention – 7 basic types of brushes and brooms for the home, which will definitely be used in every household.

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Sorghum broom

Practically “anachronism”, which, despite the appearance of numerous novelties for cleaning, still remains a popular “device”.

One of the biggest benefits of a broom – long service life, sometimes more than a dozen years, but all due to the fact that each twig in the broom is rigidly connected to others. This tool is ideal for sweeping almost any surface in the house – carpets, tiles, laminate, linoleum.

Sorghum broom

Another undoubted plus of the broom is that you can make it yourself, thereby saving money from the family budget.

It is impossible to remain silent about the minuses. Broom twigs tend to break over time and cleaning becomes less effective. Another lackatok – in the impossibility of using the broom outdoors (approx. – humidity adversely affects the wood).

After purchasing the broom, you should first immerse it in hot water for a few minutes, and then dry it thoroughly on a battery until it dries completely. This will soften the rods, which will further facilitate the cleaning process.

Average cost: 300-700 rubles.

Small floor brush

A very convenient tool in situations where you do not need to sweep the floor throughout the room, but only need to remove a little dirt. A similar brush usually comes with a scoop.

Small floor brush

She cannot process a large surface, so you still have to spend money on buying a more solid brush.

For effective cleaning, you should pay attention to the pile – it should be short, sufficiently elastic and densely packed.

Average cost: 200-700 rubles.

Soft synthetic brush

A synthetic brush with a long handle is an indispensable assistant in the household. The solid base holds the fluff firmly, and the telescopic handle helps to quickly get rid of dirt, even in hard-to-reach places.

Soft synthetic floor brush

One of the benefits – the presence of several replaceable attachments that can be changed depending on the type of coating, or on the type of cleaning (approx. – wet or dry).

Average cost: 500-1500 rubles.

Stiff sweeping brush

These tools with a thin and short nap are intended for cleaning large and open surfaces. For example, if you need to quickly clean your favorite carpet from accumulated dust and wool, and there is no time for knocking out, a stiff brush is ideal.

Stiff sweeping brush

True, such a brush requires special care, since the dirt accumulating between the bristles quickly reduces the quality of cleaning.

Average cost: 400-1000 rubles.

Rubber floor brush

Not a bad option for those who need to quickly clean up the apartment without resorting to a vacuum cleaner or a mop. The bristles of such a brush do not bend, which makes it possible to very quickly clear debris from even a carpet with a very long pile.

Rubber floor brush

Main advantage: all dirt easily adheres to the rubber fibers, so the cleaning process is accelerated by several times.

Also suitable for carpet and smooth surfaces.

Average cost: 1000-2000 rubles.

Electric Floor Brush

Equipment for housewives who value their time.

This “device” is a hybrid of a floor brush and a vacuum cleaner. The brush has various attachments that allow you to quickly put things in order even in rooms completely filled with furniture.

Electric Floor Brush

In most cases, these electric brushes are equipped with a removable dust container, which makes the task easier and makes cleaning more comfortable.

Average cost: 2000-4000 rubles.

Steam electric brush for cleaning

One of the most “advanced” options for busy business housewives.

With such a brush, you can simultaneously wash and clean the surface, while spending a minimum of effort and time. All dirt and dust is collected in a neat and reliable container, which can be simply thrown into the trash bin after cleaning.

Steam electric brush for cleaning

Another advantage is the ease of cleaning smooth surfaces (tiles, laminate and linoleum will simply shine with cleanliness!).

Average cost: 3000-8000 rubles.

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What brush or broom do you use to sweep the floor of your house? Share your tips and experiences with us!

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