Jermaine Hopkins Net Worth

Jermaine Hopkins Net Worth

Jermaine Hopkins, commonly referred to by his nickname Huggy, is an American actor and producer best known for his film roles as Thomas Sams in 1989’s Lean on Me and Eric “Steel” Thurman from 1992’s Juice; Benny King from Phat Beach (1996 and How to Be a Player by Def Jam respectively. Additionally he founded his clothing line which has helped increase his wealth.

He was born August 23rd 1973 in Newark, United States of America and belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. At 14 years old his mother brought him for an audition at Warner Brothers movie Lean on Me in New York; upon hearing of this success the producers and directors gave him a lead role playing Thomas Sams who misguidedly indulges in drugs while attending high school.

Hopkins quickly established himself in the industry after making his film debut with Bullet Riot; appearing in numerous other movies and TV shows like The Parent Hood, Bullet Riot, How to Be a Player and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit among many more. Even with some setbacks to his career he managed to overcome them all to emerge stronger on the other side as one of the finest actors around today.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of over $10,000 through his film and television careers, thanks to his captivating acting skills which have garnered him widespread acclaim from critics and audiences. Furthermore, his charitable efforts are highly commendable and help cement his status as an accomplished actor.

Hopkins is married and shares one daughter with Renee Hopkins. Although he keeps much of his personal life private, recently becoming a grandfather at 34 is something the actor rarely discusses publicly.

As well as his acting career, he also has numerous ventures besides acting – such as starting his own clothing line! His experience within the industry continues to advance him further with each new project undertaken.

Hopkins has become one of the industry’s premier actors over his long career and has received multiple nominations and awards for his performances. However, more recently he has come under suspicion for drug problems when caught trying to purchase 200 pounds of marijuana from an undercover cop in Avondale, Arizona in order to provide Christmas presents for family members. Police then searched an apartment listed as belonging to him where they discovered another 100 pounds. Hopkins faces jail time should he be found guilty – his legal team are working hard in order to have him released as soon as possible.

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