Jerome Benton Net Worth

Jerome Benton Net Worth

Jerome Benton, an esteemed Funk Singer who has earned great renown throughout his career. Working alongside renowned artists, his performances have garnered critical acclaim and resulted in him amassing an impressive net worth.

Jerome was born and currently resides in the United States and is currently 61 years old. Since 1990 he has been active in the music industry, working across genres such as dance music, rock and pop music. Known for his distinctive style and charismatic performances – making an indelible mark on this industry since 1990!

Jerome Benton currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million, thanks to his work in the music industry and appearances on shows such as Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Additionally, he has made appearances in movies like Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon.

Jerome Benton has also invested in real estate. He owns multiple properties across the U.S., and recently purchased a penthouse apartment for around $1.3 million in Los Angeles that boasts spectacular city views and modern amenities.

Jerome Benton boasts an impressive collection of cars. His Porsche Cayenne and BMW 7 Series, together valued at $1.8 million, make up part of this impressive portfolio, while other luxurious automobiles such as Lamborghini Murcielagos and Ferrari F430s complete it.

Concerning his personal life, Jerome Benton remains single; he has not been involved with any women for some time. Yet despite this he is an outstanding musician constantly looking for new opportunities to improve his craft; currently working on his next album for release later this year.

Jerome Benton was born on the 19th September 1962 at a significant moment during a time that saw Vietnam War, Civil Rights Protests, Martin Luther King Jr. being shot down and John F Kennedy assassination take place. Benton belongs to Virgo zodiac sign so his birth date marks an important point in his life journey.

To achieve greater financial independence, he co-founded his own record label. It allowed him to produce music under more control while also having access to more material. Its successful business model has allowed it to generate substantial revenues; yet despite all this success he remains private regarding his personal life; not disclosing any details regarding family or children and keeping financial records confidential, making it hard to ascertain exactly how much he makes each month.

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