Jesse Rutherford Net Worth

You’ve come to right place if you’re curious about Jesse Goins’s net worth. Over the past three decades, this actor has appeared on many TV series. Among them, he played the role of Cyler Johnson in the 1980s TV series The Greatest American Hero. He has also played a character named Brown in the 1984 comedy Up the Creek, the lovable Joe Cox in the 1987 classic science fiction film RoboCop, and the role of a war hero in 2001’s Echos of Enlightenment.

Jesse D. Goins’ net worth is $10 million as of 2018. His estimated salary is $577,000. Goins is also a successful professional with many relationships and vehicles. Since he was in the limelight, his net worth has increased. The next step for fans is to learn more about this American actor. Listed below are the details about Jesse Goins’ net worth and his personal life.

The first episode of Gold Rush: The Lost Mine followed Goins as he worked in the mine’s gold room, sorting and cleaning the metal. His popularity grew after the series’ first season, and he joined the second season as a gold miner. This show also features the aftershow in which Goins interacts with fans. However, Goins’ net worth is currently unreliable and uncertain.

Other members of Goins’s cast have similar net worths. Jesse Goins is worth $10 million. Todd Hoffman, Monica Beets, and Parker have each earned $7million. Jesse Goins’ net worth was also affected by his death in 2005, which occurred on set of Gold Rush. While filming, a crew member discovered Goins unconscious. He was later pronounced dead in the hospital. His death was not an accident and the cause of death has not been revealed.

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