Nathan Apodaca Net Worth

Nathan Apodaca Net Worth

Nathan Apodaca is a social media influencer and entrepreneur best known for a viral TikTok video of him skateboarding while lip syncing Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams.” Since its upload, millions of views have accumulated – garnering him notoriety as content creator and brand ambassador as well as landing various business deals that have helped increase his net worth.

Nathan Apodaca currently boasts an estimated net worth of $990,000. Apodaca’s primary sources of income come from social media and his merchandise company; additionally he has started an acting career and appeared in multiple shows as guest stars.

Nathan Apodaca became famous when he posted a viral video to TikTok in September 2020 that showed him skateboarding while lip-syncing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice from Ocean Spray bottles – earning over 8.5 Million Views and leading him on an exciting path towards other opportunities, such as landing an endorsement deal from them! This success led to several other opportunities including signing an lucrative sponsorship contract.

The video helped revive Fleetwood Mac’s song, with Mick Fleetwood recreating and dubbing the video “Dreams and Cranberry.” Nathan Apodaca became an instant celebrity from this video’s success, earning a living from YouTube videos and other ventures.

Even though Apodaca is wealthy, he continues to work hard at his factory and puts in long hours. Additionally, he donates time and effort towards helping individuals and organizations with fundraising efforts; also visiting sick or injured kids at hospitals regularly and giving back to his community.

Apodaca and Estela Chavez live together in Idaho Falls, USA where they met while working at a potato factory and have been together for more than a year now – they are expecting their first child together soon.

Nathan Apodaca is best-known for his humorous videos that have amassed him an enormous following on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Additionally, he founded “DoggFace Clothing,” an immensely successful clothing line which allowed Nathan to expand his business and increase his net worth. Furthermore, Nathan has participated in various television projects as well as commercials for various brands; currently working on one more series which will debut sometime between 2023-2024.

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