Jill Wine Banks Net Worth

Jill Wine-Banks Net Worth

Jill Wine-Banks, an American lawyer currently employed as a legal analyst at MSNBC. She served as prosecutor during the Watergate scandal and became the first female US General Counsel of the Army under President Jimmy Carter.

She graduated from both University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Columbia Law School. At 79 years old and married to antique dealer Michael Banks.

Early Life and Education

Jill Wine-Banks was born May 5th 1943 in Chicago Illinois. She is an American Lawyer & MSNBC Legal Analyst as well as being a best selling author (The Watergate Girl is now being considered as a movie option).

She earned a BS degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign before going on to Columbia Law School where she received her JD. While working on Watergate prosecutions she later served as General Counsel of Army from 1977-1980.

Jill Banks and her husband Michael Banks have been happily married for four decades and live a private life without children. Jill is Jewish by religion and strongly advocates for #MeToo movement.

Professional Career

Jill Wine-Banks is a household name in the US. She is best known for her work as both an attorney and political commentator, appearing frequently on television and radio programs; plus being a best-selling author.

She served as one of the prosecutors during the Watergate scandal and as US General Counsel under President Jimmy Carter, as well as being well-known for her work on military sexual assault cases.

Niles East High School graduate who went on to receive her BS in Communication Studies at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign before enrolling at Columbia Law School where she obtained a Juris Doctorate. Now serving as legal analyst for MSNBC while married to Michael Banks who runs an antique business.

Achievement and Honors

Jill Wine-Banks has made her mark in her profession with extraordinary distinction, dominating in politics, military service, private practice, corporate executive leadership roles and serving on public and corporate boards alike.

During the Watergate scandal, she served as one of the chief prosecutors and was instrumental in implicating President Nixon as an unindicted co-conspirator. Additionally, she held office under President Jimmy Carter as US General Counsel of the Army.

She boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and is widely known for her commentary as an MSNBC legal analyst. Additionally, she is the author of two books and hosts two podcasts.

She is a loving wife and mother who takes great pleasure in cooking and gardening, traveling widely to various countries worldwide and amassing an impressive art collection – not forgetting being an ardent fan of jazz music!

Personal Life

Jill Wine-Banks was an American attorney renowned for her role as one of the prosecutors during the Watergate scandal and first female US General Counsel for the Army from 1977-1980 under President Jimmy Carter.

Jill Wine was born in Chicago, IL to her loving mother Sylvia Dawn Wine and father Bert S. Wine – two influential individuals renowned for their compassion. Additionally, she has a brother called Paul who works in antiques trading.

MSNBC Legal Analyst Nicole Scherzinger prefers to keep her personal life and love life private and thus does not reveal details regarding her spouse and children. She is married to Michael Banks, an American antiques merchant from Winnetka, IL who also hosts Sisters in Law podcast. In total she earns an impressive annual salary of $87,125.

Net Worth

Jill Wine-Banks, born May 5, 1943 and currently living in Illinois. Her estimated net worth stands at $2 Million.

She is an eminent public figure, having served as one of the Watergate prosecutors and as the first female to serve as Executive Director of the American Bar Association.

As well as her legal work, she serves as a political analyst for MSNBC and hosts two podcasts: SistersinLaw and Intergenerational Politics.

Jill Wine-Banks takes great pleasure in cooking and traveling; gardening; spending time with her family; reading; learning about different cultures; she is an advocate for women and children and has received multiple awards throughout her career.

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