Jimmy Pop Net Worth

Jimmy Pop Net Worth

Jimmy Pop is an American musician, singer-songwriter and composer best known as one of the founding members of Bloodhound Gang and their lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist as well as primary songwriter. Additionally he is known for incorporating humor and satire into his music.

Jimmy is a Life Path Number 9, meaning that he seeks growth and new experiences on a continual basis. Jimmy has worked hard to reach his goals and dreams through hard work alone; yet still remains generous towards others when possible, providing help when possible via musical talent shows or television guest spots.

Singer Jay Sean boasts an impressive net worth of $5 Million dollars. Additionally, he’s an active social media user and often posts updates to his website – his followers eager to hear about his latest projects and updates! Furthermore, he actively supports various charities while engaging in community service efforts.

Jimmy Pop Ali (James Moyer Franks), better known by his stage name Jimmy Pop Ali, was born August 27, 1972 in Trappe, Pennsylvania and studied mass communication at Temple University in Philadelphia. Additionally, he founded and serves as lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and primary writer for comedy rock band Bloodhound Gang.

His voice, often featuring Philadelphia accent, can often be found in most of his songs. Jimmy Franks Recording Company released multiple albums through their label; additionally he founded Jimmy Pop’s Unholy Union TV show as well as appeared in various movies.

Jimmy is not only an accomplished singer but is also a gifted songwriter, having written songs for artists like Bam Margera, Billy Joe Armstrong and Liam Gallagher. Additionally, he’s a big fan of Philadelphia Phillies baseball team; often seen wearing their cap or wearing their jersey when seen around town.

Jimmy remains coy about his personal life and has never addressed rumors that he may be gay; however, these allegations have yet to be confirmed or denied by him and he does not currently appear to be in a relationship.

Jimmy has made appearances on several episodes of CKY and is friends with reality star Bam Margera, appearing on her show Viva La Bam and participating in various events and stunts, such as a shopping cart race and slap fight with Don Vito. Additionally, Jimmy can be found appearing in Minghags as one of Evil Jared Hasselhoff’s band members; both appearances were featured alongside one another in credits at the back.

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