Joe Pepitone Net Worth

Joe Pepitone Net Worth

Joseph Anthony Pepitone, commonly referred to by his nicknames Joe or Pepi, was an American professional baseball player best known for playing first base with the New York Yankees for most of his career and being recognized with three All-Star appearances and Gold Glove awards. Additionally he spent brief spells playing for Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves for brief periods as well. Pepitone became widely beloved due to his large-than-life personality and infectious enthusiasm – an enjoyment on and off the field alike and making our world brighter by simply being himself!

Pepitone was born October 9, 1940, in Brooklyn, New York City. Growing up in a working-class family and without formal education, his father was often abusive towards him and once told Pepitone he hated him; in response, his father threw an ash tray full of broken glass into Pepitone’s face causing severe injury; yet even after all this, Pepitone loved and eventually forgave his father later on in life.

Pepitone was an ascendant player on the Yankees baseball team and as such had his choice of hundreds of women willing to be his mistresses. He would pick them up, have sexual encounters with them and send them away before meeting someone new – often spending over half his paycheck on nights out! When he went missing for over 30 days during one stint in Miami his wife sent detectives after him in order to inform him he would face charges of desertion if he failed to return – she even threatened with legal action should he fails.

Pepitone spent his salary partying with Frank Sinatra or seducing at least half the women in New York and Chicago while spending it lavishly – from boats to customized hairpieces – both personally and on behalf of his employer, the Yankees. Unfortunately, his wild ways led to prison in the 1980s for drug charges; after release he returned home as coach of their minor league system teaching Don Mattingly first base and returning regularly for alumni events like Old Timers’ Day.

Joe Pepitone passed away at age 82 on March 13, 2023, leaving behind an immeasurable legacy that will live on through all those whom were touched by his large personality and contagious enthusiasm. We will all miss you, Joe. Rest in peace. We miss you terribly.

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