How to properly follow the Kremlin diet? Fundamental rules

What should be the full menu of the Kremlin diet – we asked this question to the certified nutritionists of the COLADY magazine. It is important to remember that any experimentation with your health can be dangerous. Therefore, before you “go” on any diet, consult a professional.

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General recommendations of the Kremlin diet – what you need to know in advance

  • The main requirement of the Kremlin diet – however, like any other, before observing it, you must consult a doctor and undergo a full examination. It’s good if you can get advice from a professional nutritionist – he can adjust your diet according to this diet, based on your health condition, physique, the presence of chronic diseases, allergies, etc. If you have any diseases, persistent disturbances in well-being, weakness, vague symptoms indicating the presence of some kind of health problems, you cannot use the Kremlin diet, up to clarifying all the circumstances with the attending physician, undergoing a full examination, treatment.
  • Due to the fact that during the Kremlin diet you will consume much more protein food, for the stable functioning of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, intestines, as the prevention of kidney stones, you need to drink a lot of clean drinking water every day (not carbonated, without additives and sweeteners). The volume of drinking water should be at least 2.5-3 liters daily. It is better to take bottled water for drinking, or drink water from a household filter.
  • The Kremlin diet cannot be treated with fanaticism, cutting down on the calorie content of your menu, while reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Food should be tasty, moderately satisfying, so that you do not have a constant feeling of hunger.
  • The amount of carbohydrates in food should also not be less than 40 conventional units per day, otherwise health deterioration may occur.
  • Carbohydrates are best taken in nuts, berries, seeds, fresh vegetables. Sometimes you can afford to eat cereals, fruits, and potato dishes.
  • You should not endure the feeling of hunger for a long time – you need to eat as soon as you have the desire to eat. Long-term hunger usually leads to disruptions in the diet.
  • It is necessary to prepare food only from those foods that are allowed by the Kremlin diet, and refrain from using prohibited foods.
  • Breads and baked goods that contain white flour should be avoided completely.
    When buying groceries, semi-finished products in the store, carefully read the composition – whether they contain “hidden” carbohydrates, sugars, flavors and dyes, trans fats. You should not buy ready-made sauces, ketchup, pickled vegetables, semi-finished meat products.
  • Following the Kremlin diet, it is necessary to consume more foods rich in plant fiber: flax seeds, leafy green vegetables and herbs, avocado. You can also take fiber as a dietary supplement.
  • Due to the fact that if the Kremlin diet is followed, a person may develop vitamin deficiency due to a decrease in the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed, it is necessary to take a vitamin-mineral complex (preferably domestic) from the first days of the diet. Consult your doctor about the choice of vitamins.
  • Since the body’s intake of vitamin C is very important, it is necessary to consume more foods that contain it in significant quantities: sauerkraut, lettuce, liver, currants, citrus fruits, tomatoes, sorrel, raspberries, radishes, strawberries, gooseberries.
  • Do not forget to exercise, actively move in the process of fulfilling the Kremlin diet. It is necessary to activate the work of the intestines and urinary system, as well as for the skin to acquire elasticity and tone.

Full menu of the Kremlin diet in the table

How to properly follow the Kremlin diet?  Fundamental rules
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A large list of products of the Kremlin diet, indicating points (conventional units)

How to properly follow the Kremlin diet

What berries can you eat on the Kremlin diet?

How to properly follow the Kremlin diet

What foods can / cannot be consumed on the Kremlin diet

How to properly follow the Kremlin diet?  Fundamental rules
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We make a menu. Nutrition rules for the Kremlin diet

Meals according to the Kremlin diet should be scheduled individually by a professional, however, there are general recommendations:

  • As we already mentioned, the daily intake of the amount of carbohydrates for a person who wants to lose their excess weight should be limited to 40 conventional units.
  • For a person who has already lost weight, but wants to maintain the indicator of his achieved weight, the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily should not exceed 60 conventional units.
  • The strictest restriction in the Kremlin diet concerns sugar, sweets, foods rich in carbohydrates (white bread).
  • If a portion of meat, meat dish is zero conventional units according to the table, this does not mean at all that you can eat any amount of it, up to several kilograms per day. The same should be known about alcohol – you can take it, but in moderation. Moreover, alcohol often provokes an increase in appetite, which will invariably lead to disruptions in the diet.
  • Over time, you will notice that the feeling of hunger decreases significantly, and the amount of food you eat per day decreases. Continue the diet, following the norms, but in no case – do not cut them further.
  • So that the dishes do not seem bland and tasteless to you, add a small amount of herbs, ginger, mustard, garlic, onions, various peppers, horseradish to them.
  • As a snack, according to the Kremlin diet, you can use a small amount of nuts and seeds, olives, boiled eggs, fried cheese chips (no flour), boiled meat with cucumber or herbs, shrimps, bacon cracklings, raw vegetables.

How quickly do they lose weight on the Kremlin diet, and how long does it need to be followed?

Weight loss on the Kremlin diet can range from 5 to 8 kg per week. But such a food system must be treated very rationally, not trying to force events, and significantly limit your diet. Very drastic weight loss is fraught with health. In addition, quickly shedding extra pounds does not allow the skin to acquire tone, and it can simply sag. The most reasonable weight loss on the Kremlin diet is 2 to 4 kilograms per week.

Before a diet, you need to weigh yourself, write down your weight in a notebook. Weighing should be done daily in the morning, after the morning toilet, writing down the data in the same notebook. Daily weight loss should not exceed 300-400 grams, otherwise the diet will be unhealthy.

How long to follow the Kremlin diet in time is an individual question, and there is no single answer to it. It depends, first of all, on whether you have reached your ideal weight, or are still on the way to it. It also depends on your health and well-being. In principle, a healthy person, without any contraindications, can use this diet to maintain their own weight for as long as they wish.

Correct implementation of all dietary recommendations will avoid complications and deterioration of well-being. An example for adherents of the Kremlin diet is the famous doctor, heart surgeon Leo Bokeria – for more than twenty-five years he has been eating according to the Kremlin diet, and he feels great, having a good physique, high working capacity and excellent health.

The dishes of the Kremlin diet are varied, so alternate products for their preparation.

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