Joey Hamilton Net Worth

Joey Hamilton Net Worth

Joey Hamilton is a celebrity and tattoo artist who has earned worldwide respect with his impeccable work. His exceptional abilities have brought him much love from fans around the globe and earned him many television show opportunities (he even won season three of Spike TV show Ink Master!).

Hamilton is widely recognized for creating ultra realistic and strikingly replicant tattoos on his clients. A passionate animal lover, Hamilton often spends his free time playing with his dogs. Furthermore, he is also an incredible painter able to craft astonishing masterpieces on canvas. Additionally, Hamilton is an accomplished singer who has worked alongside various musicians to produce soulful tunes. Consequently, he has received multiple awards and recognition for his exceptional musical talents.

Joey Hamilton reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $8 Million and has amassed it through various ventures within the music industry. Although his career has had its ups and downs, his commitment to art has helped him overcome numerous hurdles to continue making an impactful mark both within music as well as his philanthropic endeavors.

Hamilton has also made his mark in sports. A graduate of the University of Florida and professional football player, he won the 1997 National Championship with Florida Gators before going on to play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts during his NFL career.

Hamilton has not only achieved professional success but has also laid down a firm personal foundation and pursued multiple entrepreneurial ventures. He founded Hamilton Eyewear as an outlet to combine fashion with his love for helping others, created jewelry designs as well as becoming an accomplished motivational speaker.

Joey Hamilton has been married to Liana Hamilton since 2002 and the two have one child together. While most details regarding his personal life remain private, Joey can often be found posing with his family on his social media accounts. Joey is also well-known within television circles having appeared in numerous shows like GREY’s Anatomy.

Joey Hamilton has been dating for quite some time and currently is single. However, rumors persist of other women seeing Joey and being linked with models. Although his personal life remains anonymous to most, Joey has achieved great success both professionally and personally by managing to strike an equilibrium between work and personal life – currently working on new project and not commenting publicly about any possible partnerships or relationships in his future plans.

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