John Anderson Hard Time When It Comes To You

The song “When It Comes To You” by John Anderson was first released in 1991. The lyrics are similar to the popular David Guetta version but the two versions are very different. The Dire Straits version is a sad song about a failing marriage. It is told from the point of view of the husband and is accompanied by a beautiful video. The movie is directed by Steve Boyle and was released in 2008.

Upon deciding to go solo, Anderson enlisted the help of producer Gene Chrisman. Auerbach organized writing sessions with Anderson and listened to his work tapes. He recognized the quality of the songs and offered to produce the album with Gene Chrisman, Dave Roe, Russ Pahl, Billy Sanford, and Steve Allen. The result was the Years album. The album sold well, spawning numerous singles and the band was renamed as The John Anderson Band.

The late ’70s were relatively quiet for Anderson, but his career took off in the ’80s when he charted modestly with “Wild and Blue” and “Swingin’.” The album went on to achieve No. 1 status with the title track “You’re Nearly Nothing” and he scored three more No. 1s with ‘Wild and Blue’ and ‘Black Sheep’. In 1992, Anderson’s comeback was major, spawning his first No. 1 single in nine years. The ’92 album would continue to sell well into the 2000s, giving him more country singles than any of his peers.

The second album, “You’re Gonna Have a Hard Time,” was released in 1991. The release came two years after the “Swingin'” single. The album was a critical and commercial success, and Anderson’s popularity grew as a result. It helped the singer chart six No. 1 albums. The album’s success boosted his reputation among fans and helped him make a successful comeback.

The ’80s were Anderson’s most prolific years. He had several No. 1 hits, including “Swingin'” and “Black Sheep.” The ’90s were also a tough time for him. Despite the harsh critics, he continued to chart in the country charts with his latest album, ‘Straight Tequila Night’. The song is his first No. 1 single since 1992 and he has remained successful for four decades.

The ’90s were also Anderson’s most successful decade. He had his first No. 1 single in ’91 with “Swingin’.” However, Anderson’s success waned after the ’80s. Despite this, he was able to score another No. 1 single with the song “Slow Down.” He subsequently recorded more than sixty country songs, including the top five hit “You’re Nearly Nothin'” on the album.

In his ’90s, Anderson’s career was more modest. He scored a few No. 1 hits with “Wild and Blue” and “Black Sheep.” In 1992, Anderson staged a comeback with his ‘Straight Tequila Night’. The song was the first No. 1 single for the singer in nine years. It also marked a new era for his career, with more chart-topping hits like Slow Down and ‘All We’re Looking For.’

In the late ’70s, Anderson had modest success. Then, he had his first No. 1 single, “Wild and Blue.” It was his first country hit. ‘Swingin’ became his ‘No. 1’. ‘Wild and Blue’ and ‘Black Sheep’ were among the ’80s hits. In the 1990s, Anderson had his best-selling debut year with ‘Straight Tequila Night’.

During the ’70s, Anderson charted modestly. He scored No. 1 hits with ‘Swingin’ and ‘Black Sheep.’ After the ’80s, Anderson staged a comeback with ‘Straight Tequila Night.’ The song became his first No. 1 in nine years, and his comeback continued into the 2000s. With this album, Anderson earned an additional 60 country singles.

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