John Deere Hit And Miss Engine For Sale

A John Deere hit and miss engine is a 1.5-hp gas engine mounted on a cart. These engines are one of the most expensive parts of a Deere E-tractor. This engine will typically cost 600-900 dollars, depending on its condition, and location. The price will also depend on what condition it is in, such as if it is still under warranty. When purchasing a used engine, be prepared to pay a higher price.

A rare, embossed John Deere hit and miss engine is worth the effort of searching. It is said to be the most sought after and the most expensive of all. The production of this engine started on April 20, 1922, and ended in February 1923 with the issuance of Decision No. 5487 by the company’s Chief Engineer Elmer McCormick. Regardless of condition, these engines are still worth their money.

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A shopper can also save up to 47% on a John Deere hit and miss engine with coupons. A Vindex cast iron John Deere hit and miss engine is approximately three-and-a-half inches long and is located in a collection owned by Stephen Sachs. It’s in good condition but does have some sporadic paint loss. The best deals on these engines are constantly updated.

The 3hp Model E is the most sought-after engine. It commands the highest price. A 3hp model E began production in April 1922, well before the serial number list was published. This engine was discontinued in February 1923 after the approval of Chief Engineer Elmer McCormick. The price of a used Engine is typically around $500. It’s best to make your final decision based on the condition of your chosen engine.

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