John Cena Vs Del Rio Night Of Champions

The John Cena vs. Del Rio night of champions matchup has been building up for a while now, and this match is sure to be good. The two have been consistently good so far, but the first one was a bit too slow. They had to work over each other to get to the point where they could work well together. In this match, both men will have to work to get to the finals.

The match starts with John Cena and Del Rio introducing themselves. Then Ricardo introduces Del Rio in Spanish. After the match, John Cena interrupts and says that he hates Del’s arrogance. He tells him that he stole his Ferrari and he is the “king of Fruity Pebbles”. After that, Justin Roberts completes the introductions.

The match started with both men introducing themselves and the match was fast-paced and high-paced. While John Cena took the mic first, Del Rio was the one who interrupted. He began by saying that he hates Del Rio’s arrogance and that he was not worthy of his title. He also said that he was the “king of Fruity Pebbles”.

The match itself was an excellent technical match. CM Punk and John Cena each had great moments. After losing the fall-count anywhere match to Rey Mysterio and CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio made a comeback to defeat John Cena and become the United States Champion. A few weeks later, CM Punk and Del Rivas fought each other for the Universal Championship.

In the night of champions, Del Rio defeated John Cena. The two wrestled for the WWE Championship on August 19th. The show had a great technical match, as Cena’s foot was placed on the bottom rope, but the referee failed to see this. This result was not an impressive match. Although the winner was the defending World Champion, the two men were a close second.

Alberto Del Rio won the Night of Champions match on September 13 in a match that retained his World Heavyweight title. The next night, he and DelRio fought for the WWE Championship on Raw. During the show, the two wrestled on October 7 and the next night, Cena won the title. The fight was a huge disappointment.

The night of champions began with an open challenge from John Cena. He was followed by a return of Alberto Del Rio, who had previously left the company in 2014. After the match, he won the U.S. Championship. After the first round, he pinned Dello and was crowned champion. The show also ended with a two-out-of-three-falls match, with a win for both.

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