John Deere Primary Deck Drive Belt M143019

The M143019 John Deere primary deck drive belt is a good replacement for your current belt. It is made of polyester cord and has a raw edge double cog construction. This product fits models with 42C or 48″ decks, such as the GT253, SX255, GT275, and GT235. This part also works on older models with smaller decks.

There are many types of deck belts for different tractors. The GT242, GT262, GT275, and GT289 are made for 48″ and 52″ decks. The LX289 is made for 42C and 52″ decks. These primary drive belts are compatible with all of the following models. If you’re not sure which one is right for your machine, call your local dealer for assistance.

This belt fits all types of decks. There are several sizes to choose from. The GT242 fits 48″ and 26″ decks. The GT275 is for 52″ and 52″-decks. The GT289 is for 44C and 42C decks. The LX289 fits 42C and 52″-deck models. The LX289 is for 52-inch and 54-inch-deck models.

The GT242 fits 48″-52″ decks. The GT275 fits 42C and 52″ decks. The LX289 is for decks that are 48″-52″. The LX289 fits 42C and 52″ decks. You can also find the GT275 and LX289 for 42C models. The LX289 is for 48″-52″-decks.

There are four different parts of the primary deck drive belt for your M143019. You can choose between GT242 and GT275 for 48-inch-decks. The GT289 will fit 42C and 52″-decks. The LX289 is an aftermarket replacement for a M143019 john deere secondary deck drive belt. These parts are made by the same manufacturer and are designed to work with the M143019.

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