Jomboy Net Worth

Jomboy Net Worth

Jomboy’s net worth is currently unknown, but he has an estimated net income of between $4.9 and $14.1 thousand per video. The YouTuber also has several assets to his name, including social media accounts. His YouTube channel likely has a large audience. Although he has made millions of dollars from his videos, it is difficult to estimate how much. It’s possible that it will be much more than $235.5 million dollars.

James Vincent Michael O’Brien

O’Brien is most well-known for his role as a street kid who becomes a priest in Angels with Dirty Faces (1938). He also starred in films like Kill Me Tomorrow, Okinawa and Off the Record. He also had a supporting role in Some Like It Hot (1932), in which he played a police detective opposite George Raft. O’Brien also starred on four episodes of Crossroads and Harrigan and Son (1943).

In addition to his role as a sports media personality, Jimmy O’Brien’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. O’Brien has enjoyed a successful career that has made him popular in many ways. His internet videos have gained popularity in recent years, as they provide new perspectives on many sports topics. His videos on basketball and baseball have made him a well-known figure on social media. In addition, his ability to read lips makes him a unique source of entertainment.

Since the 2010 earthquake, O’Brien’s net wealth has steadily increased. Communicorp is his media holding company. It was founded in Ireland and owned independent radio stations. Later, it expanded to Eastern Europe. After the earthquake, O’Brien partnered with local operators and donated EUR3.5 million to Haiti’s recovery effort. O’Brien has received numerous awards for his charitable work, including the Order of Jamaica membership and National Order of Honour and Merit.

Jimmy O’Brien

O’Brien raised $1million in February to expand his video content company Jomboy Media. The investment group includes Eli Roth, former Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ, and former MLB players Josh Satin and Julie Young. The money will be used to hire media professionals, increase the company’s sales team and raise employee salaries. However, O’Brien has not revealed his exact net worth.

O’Brien’s podcast has seen a lot of popularity in recent years. However, it is still not clear how much O’Brien has earned. In his early days, it was just two childhood friends talking about baseball in front of a microphone. It now has over 300,000. Plays and Jomboy’s staff has increased from four to almost 30 people. Jomboy expects to generate revenues in the mid-sevens this year.

The internet has become a powerful medium for promoting O’Brien’s pranks and comical sports analysis. His first viral video was actually a demonstration of Aaron Boone cursing the umpire. His videos have been viewed thousands of times on YouTube and have gained thousands of followers. Jimmy also has a number of t-shirts featuring Yankee logos that are selling well.

Jomboy was a popular internet personality but has become a successful media mogul. Jomboy Media, his company, recently opened New York City office. He grew up a Yankees fan and moved a lot because his father was in military service. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a history degree and began his career as a videographer, before deciding to focus on Jomboy Media.

YES Network

Yankee Global Enterprises owns YES, a US-based regional sports network. The Yankees and the New Jersey Nets have each invested in YES, with the former being the largest shareholder with 26% of the stock. Other owners include Amazon, 21st Century Fox and Sinclair Broadcast Group. The network also owns a stake in New York Mets. In 2008, a joint venture was announced between the two teams that would include YES.

The startup raised $1million from investors in February. These included Eli Roth, ex-MLB players Josh Satin and Ian Happ, a film director, and Ian Happ, Chicago Cubs outfielder. The capital was used to recruit media types, expand the sales team, and increase employee salaries. Although Jomboy and YES Network are not well-known, they have received a lot of media attention.

YES has also announced a new partnership with Jomboy Media to produce original content for the network. Jomboy will debut a new show called “Jomboy Watch Party” on its new mobile app. This will feature Jomboy, Storiale and the rest of Jomboy’s crew. The network’s new partnership with Jomboy will further increase the popularity of the network, especially among sports fans.


Although it is not clear how much Jomboy’s YouTube networth is, based on his popularity, social media outreach, and his earnings, it is possible that his monthly earnings could be between $4.9000 and $14.1 Million. Jomboy is an American who started his YouTube channel on 2006-12-28. His videos have an combined audience of 857.5 millions. Jomboy’s earnings come from YouTube advertising revenue and the amount he makes per 1000 views.

It is not clear what Jomboy’s net worth is, but his popularity is growing every year, bringing in an estimated income of between $4.9 thousand and $14.1 thousand per month. His YouTube channel is currently the most popular on the platform, with more than one million subscribers and over 837.3 million views. Jomboy’s earnings depend on many factors. It’s safe to say that Jomboy’s net worth is quite high.

Jimmy O’Brien is a video content creator. He has a background as a video editor and started making videos about baseball to gain popularity with fans. His videos began with breakdowns of the Yankees-Tigers brawl in 2017, and progressed to analysis of the thumbs-down group photo, which became the calling card of the Yankees season. His videos have even landed him an invite to the Yankees’ clubhouse.


In addition to his podcasts, Jomboy has a growing digital media empire. The company currently hosts 19 podcasts, including Talkin’ Yanks, the top-ranked Baseball Podcast. Jomboy also has over 800,000 YouTube subscribers. His fans regularly watch his videos on baseball, such as the ones on the 2017 Yankees-Tigers brawl, or analyze the thumbs-down group photo that became the calling card of the entire season.

Although it is difficult to estimate Jomboy’s podcasts networth, we can say that he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jomboy has a YouTube channel and works to incorporate commercials. The YouTube videos include ads as pre-rolls. The company has hosted live events during MLB All-Star Game. Although the podcast’s net worth is not known, it is growing rapidly.

Trevor Plouffe joined the Jomboy Media network on April 2020. He co-hosts the Talkin’ Baseball Podcast as well as the Sequence With Trevor Plouffe YouTube channel. He also co-hosts the Baseball Today show with Chris Rose. While there is no exact estimate of Plouffe’s net worth, his podcasts are highly popular. Subscribe to them today if you enjoy them! You’ll receive an email each time a new episode is released.


Listed below is a list of some of the most popular YouTube channels that are owned by Jomboy. The number of subscribers and views a channel receives will determine its net worth. The estimated net worth of Jomboy is dependent on how many subscribers there are. Although this is not an exact figure, it will give you an idea of his current situation and potential earnings. Jomboy also has a large following on social media, with more than 100 million followers.

While Jomboy’s net worth isn’t immediately clear, he’s certainly earning some money. His income has increased significantly thanks to his YouTube subscribers and social media accounts, giving him a net worth of $235.5million. He earns an average of $4.9 to $14.1 thousand per month, which is a significant portion of his estimated net worth. However, there are several factors that play into his total earnings.

Jimmy O’Brien’s Jomboy Media, the company founded by Jimmy O’Brien, has raised $1million from several investors including Eli Roth and Ian Happ, a former MLB player. Former MLB players Trevor Plouffe, and Julie Young are also investors. Other investors include actors and musicians Patrick Schwarzenegger, Tal Shachar, and Cam Fuller. Jomboy has not yet disclosed how much he earns in a given year.

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