Kellie Rasberry Net Worth

Kellie Rasberry is a TV personality and mother of two. She has a net worth of $5 million. She is a member of the Kiss fm radio station and has a blog, kiddnation. She is also active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Rasberry earned a scholarship to attend Liberty University in 1984. Her scholarship lasted one year, and she returned to her hometown to pursue a career in broadcasting. Her goal was to become an actress, but after meeting a radio station owner at a skill convention, she got a job at his show. The show was nationally syndicated and aired in 75 markets.

Kellie Rasberry was born in Mullins, South Carolina on 13 April 1968. Her full name is Kelle Rasberry Evans. She is married to Allen Evans, and the couple has a child together, Emma Kelly Poole. Rasberry has several sources of income, but she enjoys a modest lifestyle.

Rasberry was raised in Florence, South Carolina. She dropped out of college to help her parents. Her father owned many businesses, including a car dealership and photo development. Rasberry is a practicing Evangelical Christian. She married Allen Evans in July 2017. She had previously married Freddy Rasberry.

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