Kenichiro Yoshida Net Worth

Kenichiro Yoshida Net Worth

Kenichiro Yoshida is currently serving as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Sony Corporation. As a successful businessman with extensive assets under his control and various investments made across various industries, Yoshida’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $3 billion and his fortune is expected to continue increasing exponentially.

Sony, under his leadership, is one of the largest media conglomerates worldwide and boasts an expansive presence across various major sectors ranging from consumer electronics and music and film distribution, entertainment, computer games development and financial services to telecommunications infrastructure and more. Based out of Tokyo Japan with global operations worldwide.

Current market capitalization stands at $83.6 billion with more than 560 million shareholders worldwide. It trades on both Tokyo and New York stock exchanges as well as being listed in FTSE 250 Index.

Sony was established in 1946 and is today an immense multinational corporation, boasting an array of products and businesses that generate increased revenues year over year. Furthermore, this firm boasts an exceptional track record for performance.

PlayStation is one of the world’s best-selling video game consoles, having sold over 115 million units since it first hit shelves. Other popular products from this media company include televisions, cameras, mobile phones and audio systems – making its brand globally recognisable.

Kenichiro Yoshida has been at the helm since April 2018, succeeding Kaz Hirai who had overseen years of losses in Sony’s consumer electronics division. Yoshida is widely credited with steering Sony back towards profitability with his strong leadership style and has seen it through to profitability since taking charge.

Yoshida earned total compensation of Y=606,000,000 during Sony’s 2022 fiscal year for his position, including a base salary of Y=1.5 million as well as bonuses and other forms of compensation.

His duties at the company involve overseeing all aspects of organization and leading it forward into the future. He is known for his strong leadership skills and willingness to take risks for growth; with years of experience within the industry and widely revered by peers.

Yoshida has been married for an extended period and has children. As an extremely private individual, he does not discuss any details of his personal life with anyone outside of his immediate circle. But, his hardworking dedication has seen him attain such high standing in the industry.

His family lives in a large house with several rooms and a swimming pool, in addition to owning and driving a luxury car. Additionally, they own some dogs and horses as pets in their household; during his spare time he enjoys spending quality time with his wife by traveling and having adventures together.

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