Kye Kelley Net Worth 2022

Kye Kelley Net Worth 2022

Kye Kelley is an American car racer and television personality best known from his role as one of the stars of Street Outlaws on Discovery channel. As an experienced pro-street racer he has won multiple races that earned him thousands in prize money.

Mr. Hill is also a successful businessman, owning Down South Performance in McComb, Mississippi. In addition to this source of income he works as superintendent in an oil refinery. At home he keeps an impressive collection of premium sports automobiles which he enjoys racing against friends during his free time.

At an early age, he became involved with dirt bike racing before transitioning into street car racing as an adult. Now an established racer with an enormous fan following and significant earnings. His success can be attributed to hard work and dedication as well as always seeking ways to improve his racing skills in order to win races, making him one of the premier street car racers nationwide.

Kelley has been married twice and is father to Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. His first marriage was to Alisa Mote whom he began dating prior to getting engaged and eventually marrying in 2017. Unfortunately, their relationship quickly soured after getting hitched and they divorced a short while after that. Soon thereafter he found someone special in Lizzy Musi who has become his current flame.

Kye Kelley enjoys an extensive following on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, sharing pictures with his family and friends as often as possible on his personal account. Furthermore, he boasts thousands of followers across both platforms.

Kenadeigh Alexa resides with her parents in Magnolia, Mississippi, where they own both a large house and shop near by. Furthermore, they are proud parents to Kenadeigh Alexa as well as being self-taught mechanics who have completed various modifications on his car to win races over Daddy Dave and Treadwell.

Kye Kelley was born May 18, 1985 in Magnolia, Mississippi in the United States to parents Carol and Paul Kelley and was an excellent student at South Pike Senior High School there. However, due to financial restrictions he was forced to drop out of college as his tuition balance became unmanageable; thus becoming dependent on working as a supervisor in an oil refinery for support.

Kelley had his share of struggles as a street racer but ultimately his hard work paid off and he purchased his own car. Now an immensely wealthy individual and major star in reality television industry. An inspiration to many youngsters and loved by everyone he encounters. Yet even with all this success behind him – never involved in any controversy and maintaining an optimistic approach towards life – despite being famous he remains humble and grounded, remaining free from controversy while remaining focused on living his best life possible.

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