Lankybox Net Worth 2021

LankyBox Net Worth 2021

Justin Kroma is a social media influencer who runs the popular YouTube channel LankyBox with Adam McArthur. Together they produce entertaining Roblox gaming-based videos with hilarious parodies, gaming videos and reactions to riddles that feature lots of chemistry between Justin and Adam as they frequently poke fun at one another – often poking fun at Justin for his imperfect English and long neck while Adam teases back by engaging in elaborate pranks on him! Their YouTube videos are popular with viewers due to this dynamic duo creating incredible content about Roblox gaming platform, that feature hilarious parodies, gaming videos as well as reactions and reactions that feature hilarious content! Their YouTube videos with Adam are immensely popular with viewers due their interaction; viewers enjoy seeing both of them engaging one another while creating entertaining pranks on each other that feature an entertaining dynamic that keeps viewers hooked while engaging.

As well as creating games, the duo also produces animated stories based on their experiences and childhood. They even made an animated tale describing their first experience watching an R-rated horror movie during middle school! Their channel is one of the top earning Roblox YouTubers with millions of subscribers; its most popular video series being zero-budget parodies where they would recreate music videos using inexpensive props or reacting to riddles while trying to solve it.

The duo has developed an array of characters for use in their YouTube videos, including Foxy, Boxy, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Milky, Thicc Shark and Lankybot. Cooky and Rocky may also make appearances.

They enjoy an immense presence across social media platforms as well and boast over 5 million followers on Instagram alone. Many viewers appreciate their witty sense of humor which has caught the attention of renowned YouTubers such as Casey Neistat.

Though their videos have become immensely popular, this couple does not appear to be dating or married; rather they consider each other close friends who view themselves as brothers. Their dynamic can make for some fascinating watching; Justin often teases Adam about his poor English and compares him to a giraffe due to its long neck.

LankyBox World and LankyBox Plays, their other channels, contain more active gaming animations and reactions. In addition, they’ve created an interactive game show called Guess The Price which involves testing products to guess their prices; those chosen as winners get to spin a wheel to determine who wins!

The duo has an estimated net worth estimated to be $8 Million, earned through advertisements on YouTube videos as well as other platforms. Their channel currently boasts 21.3 Million Subscribers and 28 Billion views; both hailing from the US they aim to entertain people worldwide through their content; often speaking out against bullying and sexism through their videos.

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