Larry Fortensky Net Worth

As of 2013, it is difficult to calculate Larry Fortensky’s net worth. His wife died of melanoma in March 2011. He was still grieving when she left him $800k. This money was used to buy a three-bedroom house in Temecula, California. He and his ex-wife split their assets after their divorce. Although his net worth has declined considerably, he still lives with his sister in Menifee.

Fortensky was born in 1952. He began his professional career as the seventh husband to Elizabeth Taylor. They were married at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch on October 6, 1991. They split in 1996 and Fortensky’s net wealth was estimated at $750250 by 2022. This does not include his stock portfolio, luxury goods, or properties. But, if you take a look at all his assets, you’ll see that it is far more than his salary.

Based on his earnings from the music industry, Fortensky’s estate has been estimated at $2million. His estate will be different and will likely be divided among his children and his first spouse. If he dies unexpectedly, however, it is possible for his estate to increase in value. Fortensky was married seven times before his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor. He was able to have two children with Elizabeth Taylor, regardless of the estate he had.

Larry Fortensky was once a recovering alcoholic. He struggled with substance abuse and was arrested for possession of marijuana in a parking lot in San Clemente, California. Fortensky sought treatment and was admitted to a rehabilitation home after his arrest. While in rehab, Fortensky met the actress Elizabeth Taylor. The two were married in 1988. He was a philanthropist and advocate for substance abuse treatment.

While Larry Fortensky had a long and successful career as an actor, his first marriage ended in failure. His wife, Elizabeth Taylor, had a contract with him to make him a millionaire if their marriage lasted for five years. He was eventually divorced and left an inheritance of $800,000.

Larry was a contractor before he married Elizabeth Taylor. He worked overtime and weekends, even though he earned minimum wages. He said in an interview that he enjoyed his work. He liked the dirt, mountains, and big machines. Although Larry’s net worth may be high, his life has not been a bed of roses. In fact, he is now a successful philanthropist.

Fortensky and Taylor’s relationship began in rehab, where they shared mutual respect. They were so close that they began to attract attention after their release. At the time of the actress’s death, their relationship was a source of intense fame. Neither man spoke about his relationship with Taylor publicly. Although the couple had a rocky relationship, they eventually got back together and began dating. Today, the couple has a net worth of around $1 billion.

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