Larry Fine Net Worth

Larry Fine’s net worth was $10 million as of late 2016. The majority of this wealth was earned as a result of his fame as a member of the comedy trio The Three Stooges. But Larry Fine’s success didn’t end there. In addition to his roles in stage plays, movies, and television shows, he also owned investments, real estate, and a variety of cars. Here are his most valuable assets.

In addition to his acting career, Fine was a violinist who was part of The Three Stooges. They met in vaudeville and were later married. His gambling addiction made it difficult to save his money so his family lived in hotels. In the 1970s, Fine won a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. He died after suffering a series of strokes at the age of 72.

In addition to his career as an actor, Larry Fine has been a writer for many years and was married to Mabel Haney from 1926 to 1967. He was married to Mabel Haney for 30 years, and the two had a son, John. Larry Fine’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. His dress size was unknown as of December 2016. His love life is also kept private, and he has not disclosed his marital status.

The comedy group The Three Stooges earned him fame. He was featured in many features and more than 206 short films. He was the middle stooge with a receding hairline, bushy, unruly locks. His career in comedy took off from there. As a result, his net worth has increased over the years. Fine was an important figure in Hollywood thanks to his comedy and acting roles.

Despite a modest net worth, Larry Fine’s career in the Stooges remained successful for over five decades. The three Stooges starred in movies including The Three Stooges (1934) and The Big Bang Theory. The stooges were also credited with helping popularize the burgeoning popularity of the television show. Their shows were popular enough to make them popular again when they went on tour.

The Three Stooges were a TV hit in the 1950s. They appeared in hundreds of feature films and shorts. Fine’s popularity soared, and he appeared in more than 100 feature films. He died from multiple strokes at 72. He is buried in Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. Despite his net worth, the three Stooges had a significant impact on the world.

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