Long John Silvers North Little Rock Ar

This chain has the best fried fish, seafood, chicken wings in the area. They also serve an array of sides and desserts. The Counter-serve Chain specializes in fried fish and seafood combos and has an extensive menu. The restaurant is located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. While most of its locations are chain restaurants, Long John Silvers offers a counter-serve setting.

This is the only Long John Silver’s location in the city. You can’t go wrong with any of its tasty fried shrimp, but you can’t go wrong with the grilled shrimp. Or you could try the batter-dipped fish, which is also available at the Long-John Silver’s Sherwood location. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of the area’s best fried seafood.

This location is also a popular stop for a meal with an upscale menu. They serve a wide variety of appetizers and entrees, from appetizers to desserts. They also serve large portions of their fried seafood. The $10 Sea-Shares include 15pc of batter-dipped shrimp, nine hand-battered chicken tenders, and 6pc of wild Alaska Pollock.

Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a full meal, Long John Silver’s is sure to satisfy your needs. From breakfast to lunch, they offer delicious meals and have a great atmosphere. Despite the lack of location, the restaurant is very popular in the area. Moreover, it is located near Sherwood, which makes it convenient for people who don’t want to drive a long distance to a restaurant.

The menu at Long John Silver’s is very diverse. Among the appetizers, 15pc of batter-dipped shrimp and nine hand-battered wild Alaska Pollock are featured. Various meats can also be ordered, including chicken, beef, and pork. However, the food at Long John Silver’s is not a cheap meal. It is a fast-food restaurant that offers a wide range of options for both breakfast and lunch.

The menu at Long John Silver’s can be found online. The menu features 15pc grilled shrimp, 9pc batter-dipped shrimp, and sixpc hand-battered wild Alaska Pollock. All of these items are available at Long John Silver’s North Little Rock, AR. You can find them at the following address: “Longjohn Silver’s, Sherwood, and the Rest of the Westside of Northern Arkansas”

It is possible to find Long John Silver’s in North Little Rock, Arkansas. In this case, the restaurant is near Sherwood. A recent survey revealed that this restaurant is closed. Nevertheless, it has not closed down. It has received a one-star rating on The food at Long John Silver’s is of excellent quality and has a variety of dishes. A meal at Longjohn Silver’s will leave you satisfied.

Whether you’re in North Little Rock, AR or Sherwood, you’ll find Long John Silver’s. This restaurant has 1 star on While this restaurant is not in Sherwood, it has one of the best reviews in North Little Rock, AR. In addition, it serves a wide variety of delicious eats, and has an excellent service. You can find many different types of food at Long John Silver’s.

A $10 Sea-Shares dish is a delicious way to start a meal at Long John Silver’s North Little Rock restaurant. The dish is made with fifteen-inch grilled shrimp and nine-inch hand-battered chicken tenders. The other 10pc servings of wild Alaska Pollock are hand-battered. The food is served in a large wooden bowl. The restaurant offers a wide range of seafood, smoked meats, and pastas.

Despite the fact that it’s a large restaurant, the interior and service of the restaurant is equally impressive. It is the perfect place for a date with loved ones. The restaurant’s menu is designed to make everyone feel comfortable. Guests can relax and enjoy a delicious meal while watching football games. They can also find a seat at the bar, which is a popular venue for locals in the area.

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