Lose weight in a dream – good weight loss habits

Did you know that you can lose weight while sleeping? In 2013, the results of a study by American scientists on the relationship between sleep and obesity were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Experts have found that sleep deprivation leads to overeating and rapid weight gain. They advise people not to deprive the body of a good night’s rest.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create the perfect environment to burn your daily calories.

Lose weight in a dream

Habit 1: Long Sleep

To lose weight in a dream, you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Most doctors and nutritionists talk about this. It’s about tricky hormones.

If a person regularly lacks sleep, then the body increases the production of ghrelin. This hormone is responsible for feeling hungry. It is because of ghrelin that a person who is not rested overnight is trying to make up for the lack of energy with the help of high-calorie food, especially evening snacks.

Habit 2: 12-hour interval between last and first meal

Remember the “golden” rule that you can’t eat after 18:00? Jason Fung, a nephrologist and nutritionist, perfected it. How to lose weight in a dream? It is necessary to reduce the production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas. It is the latter that moves the excess sugar to the liver or turns it into fatty deposits.

Insulin decreases when a person is hungry. The night break also counts. To start the fat burning process, you need to maintain a 12-hour interval between the last and first meal. For example, have dinner at 20:00, breakfast no earlier than 08:00. Choose the most convenient diet for yourself.

“The longer you sleep, the lower your insulin levels. The more efficiently sugar will be broken down later, and less fat reserves will be formed. “

(Jason Fung)

Sleep in the cool

Habit 3: Sleep cool

The medical journal Diabetes published the results of a scientific experiment that a temperature of 19 ° C strongly helps to lose weight during sleep. Coolness increases your body’s reserves of healthy brown fat, which can help you burn calories faster. Thus, if you want to get slim, sleep with the window open and under a thin blanket.

Habit 4: Sleep in total darkness

Even in the dark, light enters the room from neighboring windows and lanterns. The retina receives a signal that night has not yet arrived. As a result, the body resists sleep.

If you create 100% darkness in the room, the night’s rest will become more complete. The body will increase the production of two fat-burning hormones: melatonin and growth hormone. Use a sleep mask or blackout curtains.

“Buying blackout curtains is a good investment in your health and weight loss.”

(Doctor-endocrinologist of the highest category Elena Syurashkina)

Habit 5: Evening Walk

In the evening, walking allows you to catch two birds with one stone: burn a little calories (the remnants of undigested glucose) and calm the nervous system. That is, sleep after walking turns out to be deeper. This means you lose weight faster.

Evening walk before bed

In addition, oxygen itself is a fat burner. The main thing is to take evening walks every day, and not according to your mood.

“Exceptional results require the usual activities that you do every day.”

(Personal Trainer Lee Jordan)

Habit 6: Dinner Right

Most people with a sedentary lifestyle slow down their metabolism in the evening. Carbohydrates (especially “simple” ones in the form of sweets) do not have time to be absorbed and are deposited on the sides.

Therefore, doctors and nutritionists recommend two options for dinner:

  • Light… Vegetable salads, fermented milk drinks, smoothies.
  • Protein… Chicken breast, turkey, beef, cottage cheese, eggs, fish. It is advisable to combine protein foods with stewed or fresh vegetables.

The latter dining option will keep you feeling full before bed. And it certainly will not harm the figure.

It is interesting! The amino acid tryptophan contributes to the production of sleep hormones. It is present in large quantities in the following foods: fish, chicken liver, legumes and nuts, bananas.

The right dinner

Habit 7: “No!” food before bed

2-3 hours before bedtime, the consumption of any food should be stopped so that the internal organs can rest at night. During this time, the dinner will have time to be digested and properly assimilated.

It is interesting! Pop star Polina Gagarina was able to lose 40 kg in six months. She lost weight because she hadn’t eaten anything before bed. During the day, the singer did not starve.

To lose weight in a dream, it is not necessary to sit on strict diets or exhaust yourself with workouts in the gym. It is enough to create suitable conditions for rest at night: to have dinner right and on time, take a walk in the fresh air, ventilate and darken the bedroom.

Protect your body from stress and fatigue. Then he will repay you with a slim figure and excellent health.

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