Louie Castro Net Worth 2021

Louie Castro Net Worth 2021

Louie Castro, a well-known social media influencer, makeup artist, and TV personality who rose to prominence by posting cosmetic tutorial videos on YouTube and TikTok has also made appearances on television shows such as The Reality House and Instant Influencer with James Charles. At 23 years old American vlogger also boasts an active cosmetic business.

Castro has amassed more than 2.7 million subscribers to Louie’s Life on YouTube, in addition to garnering support on other platforms like Instagram and YouNow. Recently he came out as homosexual and used his videos to address gender norms; for instance he often wears makeup and dresses like women to defy standards of society.

Castro enjoys a strong romantic relationship, which often features in his videos uploaded to Instagram and YouTube. He frequently posts photos with her and discusses their antics in captions with his audience. Castro strives to raise awareness for sexual health issues as well as promote healthy lifestyles while representing brands such as Tarte Cosmetics and VCEE Beauty.

Louie Castro is not only known for being a YouTube sensation but is also an influential social media influencer with significant followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouNow. His enticing appearance boasts 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), brown eyes with black color hair. Furthermore his shoe size is 10 US.

Louie hails from Watsonville, California. He comes from an extremely loving family environment where his mother Karina Castro and two sisters Andrea and Yoatzi play an active role. Karina Castro has amassed an extensive following on Instagram while both Andrea and Yoatzi have become prominent social media influencers with significant followings on YouTube and social media influencers on their accounts. Louie graduated with his bachelor’s degree from California State University Monterey Bay.

Castro has managed to amass an extraordinary wealth through YouTube. The young vlogger earns considerable sums through ads that appear in his videos, while also having a successful cosmetic business which contributes to his net worth.

Louie Castro was born August 18th 1999 with a Leo sign. His family and friends describe him as having an upbeat disposition with an infectious sense of humor who never fails to make people laugh!

Louie Castro has found tremendous support from both of his parents in his YouTube career, who encourage him to keep doing what he loves. Fans can expect new content from Louie in the near future by following him on social media accounts like YouTube or social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

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