Makeup mistakes women often make

In pursuit of “perfection” we buy funds from advertising, but they again do not work. Without knowing the basics of applying cosmetics, it will not be possible to achieve a “wow effect”. The same makeup mistakes will be repeated. What are we doing wrong?

Dry base

Applying makeup to untreated skin is the most common make-up mistake. The face must be:

  • cleared;
  • toned;
  • moisturized.
washing the skin
Photo @ dr.bilivnenko

If you do not follow 3 easy steps, the tone will be uneven. Over time, the texture of the concealer will dry out untreated skin. Wrinkles will become more noticeable, nasolabial folds will form. A mistake will be worth a tainted makeup that will make even a young girl look old.

Improper use

You can’t do the contouring with a bronzer and look healthy without a dirty, oily sheen. Dyeing lips instead of lipstick, hoping for a fashionable pale shade, is a gross make-up mistake.

Modern means have a narrowly focused functionality, as well as a complex chemical composition. That which should matte, hide, will turn lips into a dry desert, dotted with cracks.

If you’re not a makeup guru, don’t experiment. Follow the instructions.

Eye shadow

eye shadow

The stereotype about matching eyeshadows to the color of the eyes is still alive.Yuri Stolyarov, the official makeup artist of Maybelline New York, claims that such makeup looks tasteless. Due to a common mistake, owners of bright irises lose their expressiveness. The eyes merge with the eyelid.

The make-up artist considers a shade a couple of tones darker than skin to be a win-win option, and for evening looks – with shimmer and mother-of-pearl.

Caution: inner eyelid

The delicate and sensitive part of the eye requires a reverent attitude. It is believed that if you tint the eyelid internally with a white (even worse pearlescent) pencil, then the eye will visually increase. Yes, it is possible if the visage rules are followed.

Most girls make a gross mistake and tint not only the inner eyelid, but also remove the corner of the eye. The makeup looks cheap. From cosmetics that are applied in excess to the mucous part, redness begins. Tears are flowing.

Vladimir Kalinchev, the leading makeup artist of Max Factor, recommends a special pencil – kayal. It has a soft texture. Use a waterproof product to keep anything from collecting in the corners of your eyes.

Drawn eyebrows

Vlad Lisovets teaches: you need to emphasize what nature has given, and not paint again. Unfortunately, it is difficult with eyebrows in this regard. Fashionably thin at first, then wide, then shaggy. Trends change faster than hair grows.

drawn eyebrows

To avoid mistakes in eyebrow makeup, remember:

  1. The shade should match the hair color.
  2. The clear outline looks artificial.
  3. It is impossible to change the natural bending angle of the eyebrow – the rule of the “golden section”.

Choice of tone on the wrist

The skin color on the hand is significantly different from the face. It is impossible to choose a 100% hit by the “grandmother’s” method. Makeup artists advise trying the foundation on the chin. No more than 3 shades at a time.

tonal basis
Photo @ oriflame.ucraine

If you are out of luck and have already purchased the “wrong” color, buy another one to even out the tone. Modern manufacturers produce a wide range of products that can be mixed.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of cosmetics you use, it is much more important to be able to apply it,” – Gohar Avertisyan.

Nobody is immune to mistakes. Good makeup is a matter of experience.

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