Making a wish to make it come true – proven ways

On New Year’s Eve, even skeptics begin to believe in magic. The chiming clock evokes a thrill in the heart and awakens thoughts about the most intimate. But how to make a wish to make it come true? Is it necessary to carry out a special ritual or is it enough to turn to the Higher Forces with a request? In this article, you will learn how to turn your dream into reality.

Tip 1: State your desire clearly and specifically

Now start thinking about what desire to make for the New Year. After all, if you postpone this task until the chimes strike, you can easily get confused at the last moment. For example, wanting something small.

wish for the new year

How to make a wish correctly? Try to stick to the following pattern:

  1. Prioritize… Understand what is more important to you: health, relationships, career, money, or peace of mind.
  2. Formulate a specific desire… Let’s say, “I want to meet a handsome, successful man who will love and respect me.” And here is a bad example: “I wish you happiness in your personal life.”
  3. Use positive motivation in your wording… For example, “I want a new, interesting job” instead of “I want to get rid of the tyrant boss”.

Avoid the “not” particle. There is no such word for the Higher Forces. When the time comes to make a wish, many people think: “I want not to get sick next year.” As a result, they get a “bouquet” of infections and chronic ailments.

Expert opinion: “You need to give positive energy to desire. You cannot use the “not” particle. Be sure to think over how the desire will sound ”- astrologer Oleg Persidsky.

Tip 2: visualize what you want to get

For the universe, words by themselves do not mean anything. How to make a wish to come true? Imagine a dream come true. Touch objects in your mind, smell them, evaluate their appearance. Concentrate on the emotions that overwhelm you.

visualization of desire

And how to make a wish for the New Year if things are going badly with visualization? After all, not every person has been endowed with wild imagination by nature. Then you can go these ways:

  • write a story about your own future on a piece of paper;
  • draw what you want;
  • make a figurine (for example, mold a coin from clay to attract wealth).

Place the material object under the tree or place it on the festive table. On New Year’s Eve, make a wish again, and then hide the “visualizer” in a secluded place.

Expert opinion: “Present your desire as vividly as possible: feel its smell, taste, as well as the emotions and sensations that arise in you at this moment” – astrologer Yulia Chalova.

Tip 3: Try to please the White Rat

If at 00:00 you please the hostess of the holiday, the chances of your wish being fulfilled will increase. The rat loves an abundance of food, so the table needs to be covered with a large number of hearty dishes. Think about your New Year’s outfit in advance. The hostess of 2020 loves an elegant style of clothing, and from colors – white, gray, gray-blue, blue, silver and pearl.

What is the desire to make a guy? Better to concentrate on thoughts related to work and financial well-being. After all, it is to ambitious and hardworking individuals that the White Rat will be most supportive.

year of the white rat

And what is the desire to make a girl? Family ladies can ask for pregnancy. The rat encourages offspring. And the rest of the girls can safely make wishes about career growth, money, health.

Expert opinion: “It is advisable not to eat meat and fish at least one day. Then the body will become cleaner, and this will increase the likelihood of wish fulfillment ”- astrologer Olga Kamaeva.

Tip 4: Perform a magic ritual

The ritual will endow desire with magical power. At the same time, you do not have to burn a piece of paper in champagne to the chimes. This is dangerous.

Better to try simpler, but no less effective ways:

  1. Think about what wishes you can make. Write them down on 12 pieces of paper and hide them under your pillow. January 1 “pull the ticket”. It is this desire that will definitely come true.
  2. During the chime, eat 12 grapes. Hurry up to get rid of the bones. This is how the New Year is always celebrated in Italy.
  3. Light a candle and make a wish for the flame. After 00:00, move it to the holiday table and leave it to burn out.

There is a 100% working way to get things done. But you can’t do without a fun company. Make a short but strong wish with loved ones (for example, “we want to go to the sea”). Climb onto chairs or armchairs at 00:00. To the chimes, jump at the same time, shouting the phrase aloud. The Higher Forces will receive a powerful signal for action.

New Year is a great opportunity to ask the Universe for something truly valuable. But it is important to fill your request with positive, warmth, energy, and not gloomy thoughts. The more vividly you represent what you want, the higher the chances of it being fulfilled.

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