Mary Cain Net Worth

Mary Cain Net Worth

Mary Cain Net Worth is an American track and field athlete. She rose to prominence as a high school sensation before signing with Nike from day one and becoming a world-class competitor. Cain won the 2014 Junior World Champion title in the 3000 meters; competing even though she was still only 17. In 2019, following Cain’s allegation of emotional and physical abuse by Nike Oregon Project coaches, an investigation ensued which ultimately lead to their discontinuance with Coach Alberto Salazar being banned from athletics due to doping offenses.

Her father, Gordon Arbuthnot Cain, was chairman of The Sterling Group – an extensive business empire comprised of Texas Petrochemicals Corporation, Atlantic Coast Airlines and Agennix among others. Additionally he served as trustee emeritus of Morehead-Cain Foundation while also sitting on several boards such as Mail-Well and Purina Mills as a trustee or board member emeritus or trustee member (Mail-Well and Purina Mills being two examples) as well as directorships within Cato Institute Citizens for Sound Economy National Center Policy Analysis as well as participating in Duke University Distinguished Speaker Programs.

Mary Cain, as the sole heir of Michael Cain’s estate, has amassed immense wealth through various investments and business ventures since 1980. She helped establish Cain Chemical and Vista Chemical Company; these firms focused on manufacturing specialty chemicals for cosmetics, electronics, and automotive components industries while specializing in turning around distressed companies that were more profitable for employee-owners – not only were these firms profitable but they were successful in turning their employees into wealthier owners than before!

Mary Cain is currently dating Jake, an Olympic Marathon Runner. At 5 feet 7 inches she is known to be an active philanthropist who supports numerous charities; in 2007 she established the Mary H. Cain Professorship in Art History within Carolina’s Department of Art and Art History. Mary and Jake share two children; James Weaver and Margaret Weaver Oehmig.

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