Lady Gaga’s life and the path of becoming

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography factsThe world of contemporary music is diverse and multifaceted. In our time, there are many talented and capable musicians who have become rising pop stars.

Among the most famous foreign performers is the bright, incendiary and outrageous singer – Lady Gaga. She is an extraordinary and eccentric person who has dedicated her life to music and creativity.

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Over the years of her musical career, the singer has repeatedly surprised the audience with spectacular outfits, enchanting numbers and outstanding performances, having received a special status – the Queen of outrageousness. Thanks to an original approach to creativity? Lady Gaga has found incredible success, fame and popularity.

Now her songs occupy leading positions in the charts, and fans listen to the compositions of the spectacular star in different parts of the world.

The early years of the singer

The real name of the singer is Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta… She was born in New York City on March 28, 1986.

The parents of the future star Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta are of Italian descent. Mother and father were engaged in entrepreneurship, trying to provide children with a comfortable and happy childhood. After all, 6 years after the birth of the eldest daughter, Stephanie’s younger sister, Natalie, appeared in the family.

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography facts

From a young age, singer Lady Gaga was interested in music and showed creativity. At the age of 4, she learned to play the piano, having mastered the art of music to perfection. Possessing a beautiful voice, the girl began to get involved in singing. As a child, her favorite compositions were songs by Michael Jackson and Cindy Loper. The performances of legendary performers inspired her to take music seriously and helped her choose a creative path.

After graduating from high school, the future celebrity decided to become a student at the School of the Arts, at the University of New York. She easily passed a rigorous selection and scored the required number of passing points. During her studies, the student continued to show her creativity, performing on the stage of the school theater and participating in a jazz orchestra. When the singer was 14 years old, she first began to appear on the stage of a music club and sing as part of the Regis Jazz Band.

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography facts

Gradually, the aspiring singer showed talent, and began to accept invitations to join other musical groups. Speaking on the stage, already in her teens, Lady Gaga tried by any means to attract the attention of the public. She picked up spectacular outfits for performances, did bright makeup, put on enchanting shows with hairspray on fire and amused the audience with funny grimaces.

The singer has always strived to be different from those around her and to stand out from the background of other musicians. During her school years, her vivid images and eccentric behavior were the reason for the ridicule of her peers, but this did not affect the worldview of the star.

“I don’t live up to generally accepted beauty standards. But I was never upset about this. I write music. And I want to convey to my fans: what they have to offer the world is much more important than how they look. “

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Official Music Video)

The first step towards glory

Over the years, the work of the talented singer Lady Gaga has gained rapid development.

When she turned 19, she finally decided to choose a creative path and take the first step towards fame. After leaving college and her father’s house, the girl rented a modest apartment in one of the central areas of the city of Los Angeles and began to live separately from her parents.

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography facts

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or how much money you have. You are nothing without your ideas, your ideas are all that you have … “

The father excitedly took the news of the beginning of his daughter’s musical career, but decided to support her. He provided his daughter with finances, but made a condition that Stephanie must achieve certain results in a year, otherwise she would have to return to college.

Trying to justify the trust of her father, Lady Gaga actively began to work. She began independently writing songs for her debut album and collaborating with music producer Rob Fusari. He helped the aspiring singer promote several compositions, making them hits in popular clubs.

In 2007, the artist signed her first contract with the Def Jam recording studio.

Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Official Music Video)

A year later, Stephanie began to work with Vincent Herbert, serving as a songwriter for famous artists such as Britney Spears, Fergie, Akon, Pussycat Dolls and New Kids on the Block.

Acquaintance with the popular rapper Akonom had a beneficial effect on Lady Gaga’s career. He helped the talented singer negotiate a collaboration with producer RedOne. It was he who assisted her in the release of her first album entitled “The Fame”.

The songs brought the performer incredible popularity and made them a star of foreign stage. Musical tours, concerts and accolades from enthusiastic fans soon followed.

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography facts

The singer’s work in cinema

Lady Gaga has not only vocal abilities, but also excellent acting skills. Along with her musical career, the singer acts in films.

The pop star played her first role in the film “Machete Kills”. The film received negative reviews from critics, but this did not stop the actress.

She continued her work in the cinema, filming two seasons of American Horror Story.

“If someone tells you that you will never achieve your dream, or tries to crush you, show your claws and say that you are a little monster, and get, damn it, what you want!”

This time, the singer was able to talentedly play the roles of Countess Elizabeth and Scatha, for which she received the Golden Globe and was awarded the title of Best Actress in a Television Series.

Lady Gaga was also expected to be a great success in the film A Star is Born, where she got the main role of the aspiring singer Ellie. Thanks to the director and partner on the set, Bradley Cooper, it turned out to be a real movie masterpiece.

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography facts

Personal life of the Queen of outrageous

The famous singer Lady Gaga prefers a career rather than romance novels. She strives for creative development, not wanting to become a housewife.

“Some women chase men and some chase dreams. If you’re at a fork, remember: your career won’t wake up one morning to say it doesn’t love you anymore. ”

Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Official Music Video)

However, music is not a hindrance to the singer’s personal life. Her destiny was true love and serious relationships with men.

For a long time, the star met with Luke Karl. The couple was in love and happy. Luke and Stephanie even planned to get married and were preparing for the wedding, choosing an ancient castle for the ceremony. But the wedding did not take place, and the couple soon broke up.

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography facts

The next stage in the star’s personal life was a love affair with film actor Taylor Kinney. The star couple experienced mutual attraction and sincere love, although their relationship was not perfect and perfect. Taylor often cheated on her lover, in connection with which the couple broke up, but then resumed the relationship. This went on for three years, until Lady Gaga finally broke off the connection with the actor.

Soon he expressed support for the singer and surrounded her with personal agent Christian Carino. He sincerely loves Stephanie and wants to give her boundless happiness. The groom has already handed the ring to the bride and made her an official proposal. But whether the wedding will take place soon, and whether the star couple will become legal spouses, remains a mystery to the press.

Lady Gaga - life and interesting biography facts

Interesting and unknown facts from the life of the singer

  • The creative pseudonym “Lady Gaga” appeared under the influence of the group “Queen”. The singer loved the song “Radio Ga-Ga” and imitated the soloist, receiving the nickname Lady Gaga from the producer.
  • The star has a congenital developmental anomaly, as a result of which, she has a short height of 155cm.
  • There are a total of 15 tattoos on Lady Gaga’s body.
  • The singer planned to arrange a grandiose concert from space in 2015. She had been preparing for the flight for a long time, but she did not succeed in completing the ingenious idea.
  • A celebrity cannot have children. She has a rare disease, fibromyalgia, which does not allow her to bear and give birth to a baby.
  • Lady Gaga actively supports same-sex marriage, because she is bisexual. There was a period when information appeared in the press that the singer had a love affair and an intimate relationship with actress Angelina Jolie.
  • The performer is credited with a relationship with Bradley Cooper, but she claims that they are united only by joint work in the cinema and strong friendship.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (From A Star Is Born / Live From The Oscars)

Lady Gaga – Applause (Official)

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