Meeting 2017 – how to meet the 2017 Fire Rooster correctly?

December is one of the most pleasant months of the year, a month of anticipation of the New Year: the time for gifts and pleasant pre-holiday bustle.

The online magazine will tell you how to celebrate the New Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster, how to decorate the Christmas tree and the house.How to decorate your home and properly meet 2017 year of the Rooster

It’s time to start preparing for the new year 2017, the symbol of which will be Red Fire Rooster!

For reference: Year of the Red Fire Rooster 2017 will take effect in full on January 28, 2017. The rooster will rule the year and will hand over the reins to a new sign on the night of February 15-16, 2018.

The Year of the Rooster is very important for civilization. This year, a wide variety of events are expected, which, in terms of their scale and significance, will remain in the history of mankind and are even capable of turning its course.

Color of the year – red, it is the color of strength, celebration, celebration, victories. In the coming year, they predict the triumph of good over evil forces – which means that many global contradictions, conflicts and problems will be resolved without consequences.

Rooster 2017 Release – Fire. Fire is a symbol of cleansing from evil, life, victory, it gives hope that humanity will be reborn and rise from the ashes, like the reborn Phoenix bird.

  • Home decoration
    The main colors of the interior should be Red color and tones that are close to him in perception – burgundy, raspberry, orange shades. Natural colors are also suitable – sand, scarlet, brown… The rooster appreciates the brightness and celebration around him, therefore, decorations for the interior should be selected bright, shiny, festive. It is worth highlighting some decorative elements with tinsel, sparkles, multi-colored serpentine.
    How to celebrate the new 2014 year of the Horse
    Be sure to use as decorations this new year shiny and metal products… The main mascots of the year will be roosters, hens and chickens
    How to celebrate the New 2017 Year of the Rooster
    Advice: now it is fashionable to decorate the house with interior words from inflatable shiny foil balloons. They can be in the form of an inscription Home, Family, or as separate letters, letters of the initials of names, numbers of the year. Also on sale are various metal trays or coasters for hot dishes. Use your holiday preparations to try something new!
  • Where to celebrate the Year of the Rooster?
    The rooster is a bright and proud bird who loves fun and understands a lot about entertainment. Based on this data, it is worth remembering that it is best to celebrate the new year 2016 in a family or friendly circle with the closest people, a continue its celebration in a noisy cheerful company under fireworks and fireworks. The main condition of the holiday is that no one should be bored. That is why it is worth organizing interesting entertainment and fun contests on New Year’s Eve 2017. You can also go on a trip at this time and celebrate the onset of 2017 elsewhere on earth
    How to celebrate the new 2014 year of the Horse
  • New Year’s events in the capital
    • the Red Square will demonstrate to those gathered on December 31 a New Year’s show, after all, this is the main Christmas tree of the country! Popular festivities, festively decorated historic buildings and an ice skating rink will make your day a festive and unforgettable one. Events on New Year's Eve 2017 in Moscow
    • They promise to make the laser show on Red Square a grandiose and very bright event on New Year’s Eve.
    • On the Red Square guests will be entertained not only by Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden – they are expected to meet with a wolf and a hare from “Well, Wait!”, characters from “Ice Age”, Baba Yaga with Koschey the Immortal, heroes from “Fixies”.
    • Metro in Moscow on New Year’s Eve it will work around the clock.
    • Moscow the sky will paint the festive New Year’s fireworks in bright colors.
  • How to celebrate the New Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster?
    Bright, shiny and festive colors perfect for this day. There are no strict rules for length and cut – the main thing is that you are gorgeous that day.
  • Christmas tree 2017
    To decorate the Christmas tree this year, it is best to use various garlands that will give the tree a shape, as well as toys in the form bells, balls and figurines of cockerels and chickens… Shades are perfect red, orange, yellow or for example gold and silver… DIY alternative Christmas tree 2017.
    How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster
    In the new season, it is very fashionable to experiment with styles in jewelry – you can make Christmas tree in red and white style, in silver and white style, as well as in retro and modern styles… You can also decorate the Christmas tree handmade wooden felt toys… The main thing is to respect the taste and do not mix several styles at the same time.
    How to celebrate the new 2014 year of the Horse
  • Presents
    The rooster is a smart bird, so gifts should be meaningful and practical, or symbolic. Best fit souvenir cockerels, wooden frames or paintings depicting roosters or rooster feathers, figurines, boxes, vases, handicraftsWhat to give for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster
  • New Year’s table
    Simple and healthy food will be more than appropriate for this day. Various casseroles, salads, pastries, cereal dishes “No frills” will delight both guests and you. When it comes to kitchen furnishings, napkins are preferred. linen, paper or cotton. It is desirable to keep the table in red tones. How to decorate the 2017 New Year’s table?
    How to celebrate the new 2014 year of the Horse
    The table must have at least one piece of shiny metal – it can be a salad bowl, a hot plate, cutlery – use your imagination here. Of the dishes should be a lot of vegetables, fruits and greenscooked fresh bread, fish and other seafood… From drinks it is worth putting on table vegetable or fruit juices, as well as mineral water… From alcohol – champagne and wines… As a symbolic element, you can put a saucer with millet, seeds and nuts on the table to please the owner of the upcoming 2017.
    How to celebrate the new 2014 year of the Horse

Start preparing for this wonderful holiday in advance, because, as you know, miracles happen on the New Year!

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