Mitch Blaschke Net Worth

Mitch Blaschke has a lot to play with when it comes to Net Worth. The gold miner is a favorite of fans, as well as his love for dirt bikes, quads and karting. He married his wife Hailey in July 2016 and they have a daughter, Mia Lou, who will be two years old in October 2019. His wife supports him and has appeared in Gold Rush several times.

Blaschke has amassed quite a bit of wealth over the past decade. He is one of the highest-earning reality stars on Discovery Channel, and he makes a lot of money by appearing on shows like “Gold Rush.” He also owns a service truck with a signature logo that features his name, and he uses a RAD torque tool to tighten the wheels of the mine.

Blaschke married Hailey Pienovi in 2016. They were in a relationship for many years before they got married. They were married on July 23, 2016, and they are very happy together. They have a daughter, Sandy. They regularly post photos of their family to their social media accounts. Hailey and Mitch live in Sandy, Oregon. This is where he was born. In November 2014, he proposed to Hailey.

The net worth of mechanic Mitch Blaschke is at least $6 Million. The actor began his career on “Gold Rush” at an early age. He then started his own equipment company. He is a successful entrepreneur and has many relationships. His net worth also includes his relationships with James Haggar, Patrick Swayze, and Lee Min-Ho. So, how much is Mitch Blaschke worth?

Mitch Blaschke’s success on Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’ has made him a millionaire. After he was injured in a jet boating accident, he returned to work in the show. He now makes at least $100k per year after a long recovery. He still doesn’t know much about his family history. Mitch Blaschke kept his family history a secret and is not willing to reveal his past.

Mitch Blaschke, a highly successful heavy equipment mechanic, has a net worth in excess of $1.2 million. Sam Barlow High School gave him his high school diploma. At 14 years old, he began his career in a collision shop to help pay for kart racing. Since then, Mitch Blaschke has seen his career grow exponentially. In the past five years, his work as a mechanic earned him more than a hundred thousand dollars.

His wife, Hailey, is the source of his biggest source of income, but the two are secretive about their relationship. The couple are married but have not shared details about their relationship. He prefers to keep it private. They live in Sandy, Oregon. Mitch was also a member of Hoffman’s Gold Rush team in the third season. His crew earned $1.2 million at Quartz Creek mine.

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