Mitya Fomin in an interview about the dog, son and attitude to marriage

“Morning on Radio Romantika” with Timur Sokolov is an entertaining show in which you can learn about the life and work of famous people.

Today the singer and actor Mitya Fomin is visiting Timur Sokolov. He shared with the audience his creative plans, talked about his attitude to marriage, including a guest marriage. He also dispelled some rumors about himself.

Mitya Fomin
Photo Radio Romantika

Timur: Good morning, Mitya!

Mitya: Good morning!

Timur: Let’s talk about your new song “Semitones”. Tell me about her. I know that she has a special, separate story.

Mitya: A separate story is that my favorite composer Alexei Romanov and I have really wanted to release this song for a long time. She has been waiting for her hour for a very long time. It still didn’t work out to release it.

Together with Alexei we live in the Crimea in the same house – I am above, he is below. And then one morning we drink coffee, and he says to me: “Listen, let’s get down to it already?”

The next morning I was in Moscow, where I said goodbye to my dog, which had lived with me for 10 years. And it so happened that we decided to time her untimely departure with this song.

It was very difficult for me, because I loved this dog very much and I still love it. This is a part of my life, a part of my era and the most interesting thing here is that it was Lyosha who gave it to me. And when I called him from Moscow and said that the dog was gone, it was also a shock for him.

A huge number of people from all over the country wrote to me. There was a feeling that it was not the dog who left, but some famous cultural figure. Because people knew her from so many programs and videos. They knew that she had a wonderful disposition. She was really practically a saint and was loved by many.

And it feels like she paved the way for the song. It’s like she’s gone and carried with her some stumbling block for this song. This song is extremely romantic, although it is, of course, dedicated to the relationship between a man and a woman, but nobody cancels our other affections.

But I have such a bright sadness. I would like this song to be associated exclusively with your positive memories. Because our life is woven from them.

fomin 2
Photo Radio Romantika

Timur: Before meeting with you, we “ran” through the Internet space and collected the “loudest” news about you. The first – “Mitya Fomin hides his son in Italy”, “Fans saw the musician with a small child at one of the resorts.”

Mitya: Well, that’s good news. May God remember where. Well, this year I have been in Italy many times, in various cities. The last time it was Milan. I would be glad to remember where I dropped something (laughs). Well, then let my son respond, in that case. He can’t just be born in cabbage, he, at least, has a mother.

Timur: They also wrote that Mitya Fomin said in one of his interviews that he was “ripe” for a family and completely ready for fatherhood.

Mitya: All this has been ripening for a long time. Several elements are fighting in me. Sometimes I don’t understand myself at all, because, on the one hand, I say that I am already an established inveterate bachelor and it will be difficult to fix me. Because the older you get, the less you succumb to training.

After all, what is a family. These are always compromises, well, these are always two people. And, on the other hand, I understand that it seems like it’s time. For example, my father, who, unfortunately, is no longer alive, said: “So, you appeared at 35, which means that you should also have a child at the same age, not older.”

I have been for over a year now, but I look at different examples. Vladimir Steklov, for example, had a daughter when he was already over 70. But, of course, this is not his first child. Or, for example, Tom Ford turned 55 when he had a child. In short, I think I will definitely be in time (laughs).

I stand for marriages, for complete families, so that people live in love, harmony and harmony. But we must not forget that we are all different.

fomin 3
Photo Radio Romantika

Timur: Recently, one of your colleagues, Stas Piekha, announced that he was in favor of guest marriages. How do you feel about them?

Mitya: I am calm about everything that makes people happy.

Timur: But, does this contradict the institution of marriage and family?

Mitya: I say again that I grew up in a full-fledged, good, beautiful family. In general, I know what a full-fledged family is. But we must treat our manifestations with understanding, because we are all individual.

Let people enjoy what they are entitled to. If they want, they will move in; if they do not want to, let them live the way they like. We cannot command, dictate to people what we consider necessary, because we are all different and must get along on the same planet, in the same country, in the same city. And, in fact, to learn this.

Timur: How will it be with you?

Mitya: I don’t know yet. In general, I am in favor of having a big house, many people, many dogs and everyone else.

Timur: Moving on to the audience’s questions. Have you ever done something contrary to your principles.

Mitya: Constantly. Considering that I regularly do something contrary to. For example, after studying in honey, I went to Moscow in order to enter the theater, but I could be a pediatrician. I do unexpected things all the time.

fomin 4
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Timur: A film that you are ready to watch 100 times. Is there such a thing at all?

Mitya: In general, I try not to watch films, because now so many new and interesting things have been released.

Timur: Then name the last film that made a huge impression on you.

Mitya: American-made painting “The Swindler”. The film is about how people prey on the elderly. As there is a whole industry of nursing homes, pharmacy business, funeral home. And this is so obvious that the problem is big for many countries. In general, the film really shook me.

Timur: What fairy tale is your life like?

Mitya: Most likely, in terms of the degree of surrealism, unpredictability and buffoonery, my life is similar to the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. And I am Alice.

Timur: All the best to you, Mitya!

Mitya: And all the best to you. Till!

fomin 5
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