Modern methods of bikini hair removal: which one is right for you?

The desire to be beautiful is genetically inherent in a woman. Historians and archaeologists confirm that women looked after themselves from time immemorial: they used jewelry and cosmetics, and also tried to get rid of unwanted vegetation on their bodies. In particular, it is known for certain that the Egyptian queen Nefertiti removed her hair using a viscous mass resembling resin or modern wax.

With the development of the industry, technologies have emerged that allow women to easily and effectively get rid of excess body hair with the help of specialists in the salon or at home.

In this article we will tell you about the types of bikini hair removal that exist today, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. However, the providers of this service have probably already enlightened you about the benefits. Girls often have to learn about the dangers and consequences of using one or another method of hair removal from their own experience. Let’s take a look at the nuances of bikini hair removal.

Table of contents:

Popular ways to remove unwanted hair from the bikini area are:

• depilation (shaving, depilation with cream)
• hair removal (electrolysis, wax and laser hair removal, shugaring, chemical hair removal, photoepilation)

How is depilation different from epilation?

Depilation is a way to get rid of hair on the body, in which only the top part of the hair that protrudes above the skin is removed. The hair follicle is not damaged and therefore new hairs grow back rather quickly.

When epilating, the hairs are plucked out, that is, they are removed along with the root. Thanks to this, the effect of smooth skin lasts from 7 days to 4 weeks. Subsequently, the hairs grow back, and the procedure has to be repeated. Common hair removal tools include wax and tweezers, a floss and an electric epilator.


Shaving bikini area: cheap and cheerful!

The wonderful benefit of shaving is the almost complete absence of contraindications. The procedure is quick and painless, however, it may not be suitable for women with individual intolerance or hypersensitivity.

An unpleasant moment is the likelihood of cutting yourself if the procedure is performed carelessly or carelessly. Soft vellus hair can degenerate into coarse and spiky. In addition, hair grows back within 1-2 days, and therefore it is necessary to shave off the hairs quite often, which can inevitably lead to skin irritation.

Bikini depilation with depilatory chemicals (classic depilation)

Modern methods of bikini hair removal: which one is right for you?Mechanism of action: depilator – aerosol, lotion, gel, cream, etc. –Apply to the skin and, after a few minutes, remove with a sponge or plastic spatula.

The chemicals found in depilatory products destroy the part of the hair that protrudes from the surface of the skin. At the same time, the hair follicle remains intact, which means that the hairs grow back quickly. In the same time, clear advantage – the hairs grow back soft, and the skin remains smooth for 2 to 10 days, depending on the natural intensity of the woman’s hair growth.

Before opting for chemical depilation of a bikini, you should pay attention to serious lack of depilators… Girls with sensitive skin can get severe allergic reactions or even chemical burns, which can cause further scarring. These dire side effects are rare; most often, the lack of depilation is manifested in local skin reactions, which quickly pass.


Bikini waxing (waxing, bioepilation)

Waxing can be done on your own or in the salon. Since ancient times, women have used resin or wax to remove hair from the bikini area. These days, the principles of hair removal with wax have not changed much.

Mechanism of action: liquid wax (cold or hot) is applied to the skin, and after a while it is torn off with a sharp movement along with glued hairs. Hair is removed by the root, and therefore they grow back only after 3-4 weeks.

The disadvantage of the procedure is its pain. Due to the high pain, the procedure is far from always possible to carry out on its own, so many girls prefer to go to the salon.

Salon bikini waxing has many benefits… A professional cosmetologist can easily reduce pain during epilation, protect from burns, advise skin care products after epilation in accordance with the characteristics of your particular skin.

Over time, the painfulness of the procedure decreases. The hairs become softer and thinner, many of them stop growing altogether.

Modern methods of bikini hair removal: which one is right for you?Cold or warm wax and home wax strips are available from beauty stores.

Cold wax epilation is painful and unpleasant, but the effect of this simple and cheap procedure is guaranteed to last for two weeks.

The strips for epilation must be warmed in the palms, then they are glued to the skin and torn off against the growth of hair. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Epilation with warm wax is less painful. Warm wax home hair removal kits are sold in cassettes that need to be warmed up to 40 degrees. Then the wax is applied to the skin and after a while it is removed against hair growth. The bikini area will stay smooth for 3 weeks.

An important point is to carefully remove wax residues from the skin after epilation with a special napkin so that new hairs do not grow into the skin. These wipes are often included with home waxing kits.

Modern methods of bikini hair removal: which one is right for you?Removing unwanted hair in the bikini area with an epilator

A bikini epilator is a common home hair removal method. The complete beauty industry offers a huge selection of electric epilators with cooling, pain relieving and massage attachments. Some epilators are equipped with trimmers and shaving heads and can be operated underwater.

Disadvantage of hair removal with an epilator lies in the painfulness of the procedure. However, since each hair is removed by the root, epilation becomes more painless and easier each time. The skin remains smooth for 2-3 weeks.

Side effects: ingrown hairs, skin irritation.

Sugar hair removal bikini (shugaring)

Mechanism of action: the beautician applies a thick sugar paste to the skin and then removes it by hand.

There are practically no contraindications for shugaring. Shugaring epilation is almost painless and does not irritate the skin, since the sugar paste does not stick to the skin and only captures the hairs. The hairs begin to grow back only after 3-4 weeks, there are usually no ingrown hairs after this procedure.

Electrolysis bikini

Mechanism of action: high-frequency current damages the bulb, after which the hair is pulled out. Each hair is processed separately, so usually electrolysis of a bikini takes a long time. Complete hair removal requires at least 6 sessions every month and a half.

Contraindications: curly hair

Side effects: folliculitis, ingrown hairs, burn scars, hyperpigmentation

Bikini laser hair removal

Mechanism of action: during the procedure, the hair and the hair follicle are destroyed, the skin is not exposed to negative influences.

Result: stable, after a certain number of procedures, hair growth slows down significantly, the growing hairs resemble a light fluff, and in the future, it is enough to conduct sessions once or twice a year.

Contraindications: gray, red or blond hair, very dark or tanned skin, oncology, diabetes, pregnancy.

Photoepilation bikini

Mechanism of action: impulsive light removes hairs along the bikini line, destroying the hair follicle. The procedure is painless, quick and allows you to treat a large area of ​​skin at once.

Contraindications: tanned skin

Modern methods of bikini hair removal: which one is right for you?Enzyme Bikini Hair Removal

Enzymatic bikini hair removal is a fairly safe type of hair removal that gives a lasting result.

Mechanism of action: Enzymatic preparations are applied to the skin under high temperature conditions. Enzymes destroy the germ cells of the hair, and when the exposure expires, the beautician removes the hairs at a low temperature using wax.

Contraindications: diseases and conditions with contraindications for thermal procedures (oncology, neoplasms, inflammation, diseases in the stage of decompensation, etc.)

Side effects: if the recommendations and contraindications are followed, there are no side effects.

Modern methods of bikini hair removal: which one is right for you?Ultrasonic Bikini Hair Removal

Mechanism of action: When performing ultrasound bikini hair removal, the beautician uses a combination of ultrasound and an inhibitor of hair germ cell growth. The effect after one procedure lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. In order to completely remove hair, you will need from 10 to 12 epilation procedures, depending on the intensity of hair growth in a particular woman.

Side effects Ultrasonic bikini hair removal includes ingrown hairs, coarse hairs, transient angioectasias, folliculitis and hematomas.

Contraindication for ultrasonic hair removal of a bikini, sensitive skin is again found. Before any type of epilation, it is necessary to test the skin for sensitivity by removing hair in a small area a few hours before the full procedure.

Typically, women make a lot of effort to stay beautiful at any age. It should be remembered that not only tastefully selected clothes, healthy skin, hair and a snow-white smile are important for this, but also a feeling of inner self-confidence, which consists of many factors, including the realization that excess hair on various parts of the body eg in the bikini area, no.

Bikini epilation is significantly different from removing unwanted hair from other parts of the body. The fact is that the skin in the bikini area is very sensitive, and by choosing the wrong way of epilation, it is easy to get the opposite result. The skin may turn red and flaky, and it will itch and itch in contact with underwear.

For any questions related to contraindications to any type of hair removal, we recommend that you contact a therapist or physiotherapist.

What type of hair removal do you prefer?

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