7 Most Beautiful Castles in the UK

You can find a romantic getaway in the UK by visiting some of its most beautiful castles. Here, we highlight some of the most beautiful, enchanting castles that you must see in your lifetime. Lincoln Castle is a historic medieval castle built by William the Conqueror in the late 11th century. It is a symbol of Norman conquest and a place for holding battles. During Victorian times, it served as a prison. Today, it is a public attraction owned by Lincoln County Council.

Highclere Castle

If you enjoy Downton Abbey, then you’ll love Highclere Castle. This stately building was renovated by the same architect who remodeled the Palace of Westminster. Highclere is one of the six most beautiful castles in the UK, and a visit to this stunning building is sure to leave you feeling like you’re in a film set! Highclere is an ideal place to take a tour with your friends, as there are only 16 places per tour.

Dunstanburgh Castle

Located on a rugged coastal headland with sea-battered shores and sheer cliffs, Dunstanburgh Castle is the perfect place to unwind and explore the history of this magnificent building. The castle was built by Earl Thomas of Lancaster in 14th century and seized by the English crown. They have maintained it for many centuries. This ruin of a castle is a powerful reminder of a time when the fate of the nation was decided by the nobility.

Caernarfon Castle

The building reference for Caernarfon Castle dates back to June 24th, 1283. The new structure was surrounded by town walls and a ditch, and hundreds of local and foreign tradesmen and labourers travelled to this location from across Wales and London to help with construction. The construction of the castle proceeded at an incredibly fast pace, with the walls seemingly completed in just five years. The castle’s twelve multi-angled towers are truly remarkable.

Lindisfarne Castle

You may not have heard of Holy Island or Lindisfarne Castle if you are interested in architecture and history. However, this Scottish island is rich in Christian history dating back to the 7th Century. Holy Island played a significant role in the introduction of Christianity to England. There’s even a statue honoring St. Cuthbert. Holy Island measures approximately one-mile in width and three-miles in length. It is separated from the mainland only by a narrow strip of water. The island can be reached by car or on foot. At high tide, the roads are covered in water.

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle was built in the eleventh century and is one of six most beautiful castles within the UK. Its royal history goes back more than 900 years. It is believed to have been home to at least 39 monarchs. During its construction, it was a military outpost. In its later years, the castle was refurbished with Georgian and Victorian flourishes. Many original architectural details and paintings can be found in the interior. The Changing of the Guard is also available to visitors three times per week.

Warwick Castle

A beautiful and historical medieval castle, Warwick Castle is a short trip away from London. It is a Grade I listed complex and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. In 1982, the National Trust took over the Castle. It was built in 1068 and served as a major fortification point during the Hundred Years War. Many interesting exhibits are housed in the castle, including a replica residence of Earl of Warwick. Adults can enter the castle for PS30. The cost is comparable to that of the theme parks.

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle was built on a high rock overlooking the estuary of the River Conwy and the Gyffin stream. Its location allowed it to be well-defended. The river supplied the necessary supplies during times of siege. The Cistercian Aberconwy Abt of Saint Mary was also located in the castle. Founded more than a century before the reign of King Edward, it was the burial place of Llywelyn ap Iorworth, a prince of North Wales who was referred to as Llywelyn the Great.

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