10 Holy Places In Russia That Heal Body And Soul

Holy places, in my deep conviction, have tremendous energy and are able to nourish a person, support and give strength, both spiritual and physical.

Once I went on an excursion to a functioning nunnery. To be honest, I didn’t really count on anything. I returned from the trip with an indescribable feeling of purification.

And my friend and her husband didn’t have a baby for a long time. They went to Matrona, to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, they went to Diveevo. After some time, they gave birth to their baby. They think the saints helped them. And there are a lot of such wonderful stories.


Sometimes it happens that a person gives up. Doctors sign their helplessness and report that only a miracle will help. Vitality is running out, but in my heart there is a small hope for God’s grace. Then a person goes to a holy place – where there is a place of hope, where every word is a balm on the soul.

Someone thinks this is self-hypnosis, while someone really believes in the miraculous power of holy places. The editorial staff of Colady magazine decided to mentally look into the most sacred places in Russia that can help, soothe and heal from a nervous ailment or illness.

The miraculous spring of the village of Aleshnya


In the Bryansk region there is a village called Aleshnya. In this area there is a miraculous spring that gathers crowds of tourists around it. Every person wants to taste the healing water. They say that the waters in this area are able to solve problems with such ailments:

  • Musculoskeletal system.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Wounds received during accidents or travel.

This source is called the Thunderwell. It got its name from a legend: in the old days wanderers often stayed at this place, since a tree of wondrous beauty grew here. But once a lightning hit him, after which a miraculous source opened. This well was recently consecrated and is under the supervision of the church.

Diveevsky monastery and “Deevsky waters”

Diveyevo monastery

It was here that the famous Seraphim of Sarov lived, and his ashes rest in one of the churches of the village.

Father Seraphim became the earthly guardian angel of the Diveyevo convent. And he spoke like this: “Up to a thousand people will gather in my monastery and everyone… everyone will be saved, I begged, poor, Mother of God… and, except three, the Merciful Lady promised to save everyone”.

There is also another spring known for its miraculous powers called “Deevsky waters”. It is located in the village of Diveyevo.

These waters are known for the fact that from some springs you can only drink, and some are equipped with baths. Here people with various diseases are cured and receive both physical and mental health.


10 holy places in Russia, where real miracles take place to heal the soul and body

The Solovetsky archipelago is the name of this place located in the Arkhangelsk region. There is the Holy Lake and Mount Golgotha ​​- this is the highest mountain of all Solovki. People come here more to rest their souls. On the territory of the island there are many old buildings and simply beautiful natural places.

A beautiful view opens up here, which can heal a person from any mental anguish, bad misfortunes. This is a mystical and at the same time mysterious place, which has a special energy: here you can see such mysterious ancient structures as dolmens, mounds and labyrinths of stones.


10 holy places in Russia, where real miracles take place to heal the soul and body

The Kizhi Pogost, or simply Kizhi, is one of the numerous number of islands in Lake Onega. Kizhi is a synonym for incredible beauty, fortitude, as well as a cultural landmark registered in the UNESCO base.

There is a huge number of temples with unique architecture and miraculous powers. Tourists come to ask for health and family well-being. And here you can also meet healers, clairvoyants and other interesting people.

Optina Hermitage

10 holy places in Russia, where real miracles take place to heal the soul and body

This is one of the oldest and most famous monasteries in all of Russia. People are healed by the place itself, and the prayers that sound there. Tourists leave this place with a feeling of lightness, emotions capture them completely.

A person can come here with the hope of a last chance. After visiting Optina Pustyn, one woman I knew who could not conceive in any way was able to do this, while giving birth to healthy triplets.

Pskovo – Pechersky Monastery

Pechersky Monastery

This is another place of power located in the city of Pechora. This is a men’s monastery, which became famous for its architectural masterpieces and stories of visitors about their treatment. Someone came with a simple toothache, and someone with terrible headaches.

Healing takes place in the monastery with Father Simenon. He will read the prayer, listen. After visiting him, everyone feels better in spirit and in body.

Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra


This is one of the largest and most famous monasteries for men, where numerous miracles of healing take place. So the peasant Fomicheva was able to heal: after the wedding, her legs seemed to be taken away from her. She crawled on all fours to the monastery, after which she was able to get up.

This is one of 1000 examples that proves the miraculous power of the monastery. This holy place cures many diseases.

Nilova hermitage

Nilova hermitage

Nilo – Stolobenskaya hermitage – a male-type Orthodox church in the Tver region on Lake Seliger. Many tourists come here to be cured. The thing is that it has special rodan baths. They are able to heal complex diseases such as inflammatory arthritis or even a fracture.

Pleshcheyevo lake

Pleshcheyevo lake

There is a belief that this lake has miraculous powers. Those who bathe in the waters of this lake will receive strength for further achievements and, in general, will learn to live in a new way. This lake was formed more than 40 thousand years ago, when the continental glaciers retreated.

Blue is a stone

a rock

This stone is located right on Lake Pleshcheyevo. According to legend, a spirit lives in him, which gives strength and health. Every tourist wants to cut a piece from this famous boulder in order to absorb its energy. However, this is strictly monitored and allowed only to sit next to the stone, to express all their pains to it. They believe that the stone will take all the sorrows on itself.

Russia is a borderless country. We have many holy places saturated with miraculous powers. The main thing is to believe in the power of nature, prayer and God’s help. And also to thank for what you have and for what you want to have, as if you already have it!

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