how to wear the main color of spring

Positive yellow can be safely called the main color of spring.

Firstly, it is he who we associate with warmth, light, mimosa and dandelions, in general, everything that surrounds us from March to May. And secondly, yellow along with gray was declared the main color of 2021. Therefore, we simply have no right to ignore this trend! We study the sunniest color and learn how to introduce it into our wardrobes.

yellow wardrobe
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Who is it suitable for?

The color yellow has many variations and shades: from yellow pastels to lemon. And accordingly, you need to select it, focusing on your color type.

Muted, natural shades of yellow are suitable for a soft color, and representatives of a bright color can pamper themselves with more expressive tones. Girls of a warm color type accordingly need warm shades of yellow, and vice versa – “cold” young ladies will suit cold versions of yellow.

This color looks best on representatives of such types as “warm spring”, “bright spring”, “bright spring” and “bright summer”.

But girls with a cold soft color type (cold summer) should treat yellow with caution, especially if you get a yellow top – such a thing can “bestow” you with an unhealthy complexion. If you are afraid of a similar effect, just buy yellow trousers or a skirt, and keep the colors that suit you closer to your face.

yellow wardrobe 2
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Combination rules

Yellow is a rather capricious color, but there are win-win combinations that absolutely all women of fashion can repeat.

For example, a combination of yellow and denim. Choose shades that match each other in saturation: combine muted, diluted yellow with light jeans, and combine rich yellow with deep blue. By the way, the combination with black is also suitable for the latter.

yellow wardrobe 3
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The more daring can try a combination of yellow with red, orange or purple. And if you decide on a yellow total-look, then either give preference to a minimalistic suit, or choose a combination of different textures.

yellow wardrobe 4
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A little about dosage

Despite the fact that yellow is the trend of 2021, you need to handle it very carefully, because, as mentioned above, it is not suitable for everyone. In addition, it is important to remember that bright yellow is an annoying color and negatively affects the human nervous system, so you should not get carried away with it.

An excellent solution would be to purchase several yellow items, which you can then combine with other wardrobe items: tops, sweaters, jackets.

yellow wardrobe 5
Photo @alexandralapp

It is good to use individual blotches in the form of accessories: for example, a bright yellow handbag or a scarf, which will definitely revive your image and make it non-trivial.

yellow wardrobe 6
Photo @alexandralapp

If you still don’t have a single yellow item in your wardrobe – hurry up to fix it, because today is the first day of spring!

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