Ozzy Osbourne acted like a “goat and an idiot” in his family

Fame and fame are, of course, very pleasant life bonuses, but sometimes they strengthen a person’s vices, cultivate an exorbitant ego in him and make him extremely unbearable in family life and in everyday life. Rock star Ozzy Osbourne is a wonderful example of this and, one might say, one continuous nuisance that has seen everything: drugs, alcohol, treason, accusation of driving to suicide.

ozzy osbourne

A&E documentary trailer Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne The 71-year-old rocker admitted that he never liked being at home:

“I suddenly realized that my place is to be forever on the road and free. I mean, at home I felt like an animal in a cage and constantly bought myself some toys to distract myself. “

Together with him, his family, wife Sharon Osbourne and children Jack and Kelly, also shared their views on how Ozzy is a husband and father when he is at home, rather than touring the world.

Ozzy through the eyes of Jack’s son

Ozzy Osbourne’s 34-year-old son Jack told the publication People:

“When dad was at home, I always had the feeling that he was bored. Despite the fact that he still complains that touring is exhausting him, at home he is frankly bad. I remember how he sometimes picked me up from school, and it always seemed to me that he was thinking to himself: “What am I doing here? Damn, I’m not comfortable here. “

Jack osbourne
Jack Osborne

Ozzy through the eyes of daughter Kelly

Ozzy’s daughter, 35-year-old Kelly, shared details about one of the toys Ozzy mentioned, which he bought to relieve boredom:

“Dad was busy assembling the bike because he just wanted to ride a bike that he personally assembled. He was not very good at it, and it looked like he had been taken away from his purpose in life. “

kelly osbourne
Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy through the eyes of his wife

In an interview The Telegraph Sharon talks about many of the former frontman’s antics Black Sabbath… She was aware that her faithful was walking to the left, but Ozzy’s connection with his stylist Michelle Pugh shocked Sharon:

“When I found out about the hairdresser, I couldn’t believe it. All other passions were just window dressing and passing options; Ozzy slept with them to somehow fill the void inside him. But in the case of the hairdresser, he got pierced and mistakenly sent me an email intended for her. It was, of course, a typical message meant for one of his bitches. “

Sharon has forgiven everything and forgives the “terrible” Ozzy, apparently considering him an ordinary prankster, whose pranks you just need to turn a blind eye to.

kelly osbourne

Ozzy through his own eyes

Ozzy has repeatedly talked about his shortcomings and said that he could hardly be called a good husband and father. Talking about your life regrets in interviews Daily Mail in 2014, he admitted:

“I have so many regrets, thousands and thousands of regrets, that I can’t even remember half of them. But wives and kids are at the top of the list. I treated both spouses badly (Ozzy was married to Thelma Riley, the mother of his older children Jessica and Louis). I was a bad father, a cruel husband, and I had an ego the size of India. I have spent decades of my life as an absolute asshole and an idiot … It makes no sense to even apologize. All I can do now is just try to be sober. “

Recalling the time he spent a little time behind bars for one of his many offenses, Ozzy remarked:

“I thought I wouldn’t get out of there alive. And it wasn’t the cops who threatened me. It was a man sitting in a cell with me. They just put me right in the stage make-up: I was heavily made up and dressed in a bright green hoodie. “

The nine lives of Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne 2

Documentary Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne represents the life of a musician, including his childhood, work in Black Sabbath, receiving a Grammy, problems with the law and family relationships. The two-hour film consists of interviews with a host of celebrities as well as close friends. In addition, the film features a never-before-seen interview with Ozzy about his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, which he recently frankly admitted to.

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